Kambi Group Ready for Online and Kiosk Betting in Pennsylvania

Summary: Awaiting operating licensing approval, the Kambi Group is already focusing their efforts on being prepared to offer online as well as kiosk style sports betting in Pennsylvania.

In Pennsylvania, several changes are coming for the gambling industry. Sports betting as well as online gaming is about to begin and operators of land-based venues are quickly creating partnerships with companies that can help them get started. The Kambi Group is one such company that has plans to offer sports betting in the state, having already partnered with three casinos. The company is currently waiting to be approved for licensing before they can begin to offer services.

For now, the brand is working to set up their mobile betting operations as well as over the counter betting, which will take place via kiosk. Kiosks are already used in Europe for wagering and will be something new in the United States. With a kiosk, players will have instant access to wagering options, not having to wait in line at a sports betting window.

What to Expect

Pennsylvania Online GamblingThe Kambi Group is already functioning in the United States via a partnership with the SugarHouse Casino. The brand operates the betting app of PlaySugarHouse, so they already have a solid footing in the states. Despite this experience, the brand does not have any when it comes to the new sports betting kiosks.

Speaking with Play Pennsylvania, the Kambi Group gave the news outlet an inside look into what the kiosks will look like and how they will operate. Before a kiosk can be used, the player will need to deposit funds. This can be done one of three ways. Players can use the casino or an online account to load a player account card which can be used at the kiosk.

Players can choose to use a voucher which would require visiting a teller and paying for the voucher. Or, players can use cash at the kiosk. With the card and voucher, the item is inserted into the machine to get started.

With the card, a password is used for access.

Once the payment is provided, the user will then select which event they want to wager on. The amount of wager is also selected at this time. The chosen event will then move to a new screen which shows the pending bets. Once the betting process is complete, the player will end their gaming session and a receipt prints out.

When the event finishes up, the bettor can cash out by taking the receipt they received to a betting counter. However, the winnings can also be used to place more wagers at the kiosk. The betting slip is used in the kiosk to wager once again.

Kiosk Wagering

All US online casinos that have been given approval for sports betting will be allowed to have the kiosks within their facilities. The self-service option can be located in the sportsbook but also throughout the casino floor. Players are sure to take advantage of this option as it will be a new element and a convenient one at that.

Currently, there are six venues that have conditional approval to offer sports betting. The first to get started is expected to be Hollywood Sportsbook which has said they will open this month. Next month, the Rivers Casino and the SugarHouse hope to have their sportsbooks operational.

It will be interesting to see how Pennsylvania fares once their sports betting operations are functioning fully. They are sure to take a strong lead in the US as a top provider of the new gaming industry.