Kalispel Tribe of Indians Announces New Partnership with USI

The sports betting industry in Washington state is slowly but surely expanding. Washington has some of the most restrictive gambling laws in the US. As a result, it is no surprise that some sportsbooks throughout the state have started to partner with outside firms. This week, the Kalispel Tribe of Indians announced they have a new partnership with US Integrity.

Northern Quest Resort and Casino has been open for two decades but only recently started operating a sportsbook. Washington state has strict gambling laws that only allow wagers to be placed on casino grounds. The casino is looking to operate a mobile betting option starting this spring.

Partnering with USI will help the Kalispel Tribe ensure they take every precaution in following the state’s betting laws. A successful launch last this spring would make the Kalispel Tribe the second Washington tribe to operate a mobile sportsbook.

As part of the deal, US Integrity (USI) will provide its full range of integrity monitoring services at the tribe’s Northern Quest Resort and Casino. USI is a technology company that monitors sports betting operations to prevent fraud and corruption. The Kalispel Tribe of Indians owns multiple casinos in the state, but the partnership with USI only affects their Spokane location. Representatives from both USI and Northern Quest spoke positively about the partnership earlier this week.

What is USI?

USI was founded in 2018 with the aim of making sports, and sports betting, safe and fair for all involved. The technology company partners with different leagues and organizations with the aim of detecting and discouraging fraud. USI also helps prevent game manipulation, fixing of games, and other betting activity that would be illegal and unethical.

The technology offered by USI is especially important in the modern-day as the US sports betting industry continues its rapid growth. Despite being only a few years old, USI has already joined forces with several big names in the sports world.

Some of the leagues that use USI’s services include the NBA, SEC, and PAC 12. Several universities and individual teams are also partnered with USI. Schools such as Pitt and the University of Colorado work with USI. As do sportsbooks such as William Hill and BetFred Sports.

Sportsbooks benefit from using USI’s service to help detect and prevent fraudulent betting. USI analyzes data sts from sportsbooks to look for suspicious wagering and officiating patterns. They also monitor for signs of illegal activity such as insider trading. Using USI’s services allows sports betting operations to ensure bettors have a fair and safe experience.

How Does USI Partnership Affect Northern Quest Casino and Resort?

Northern Quest and Casino Resort launched its sportsbook last month. However, Washington state has very strict gambling laws. For instance, bettors can only place wagers while on casino property. Northern Quest plans to launch its mobile betting app in the spring. The expansion of its sportsbook makes Northern Quest a good partner for USI’s services. The fraud detection company can help the casino prevent problems before they arise.

The sportsbook at Northern Quest Casino and Resort spans over 2,300 square feet. Currently, bettors can only place bets at the retail counters or one of the self-service betting kiosks. It also features multiple televisions that bettors can use to track their bets in real-time. The addition of a mobile betting option will allow players to take advantage of in-play betting options.

When the app launches, bettors will likely place more wagers to take advantage of the additional bets available to them. Unfortunately, the increase in betting could also create new issues for the sportsbook. USI’s technology will allow the casino to identify problems in real-time. Partnering with USI will help Northern Quest ensure that the expansion does not also bring with it an increase in fraud and other unsafe betting activity.

Washington State Gambling Laws

The state of Washington is one of the biggest sports hubs in the Pacific Northwest. Seattle now features sports teams in all four major US sports. So it should come as no surprise that citizens of the Evergreen State are eager to win real money betting on their favorite teams. However, Washington has some of the most restrictive betting laws in the US.

In Washington, bettors can only place wagers while on casino grounds. However, the state only recently legalized sports betting last September. As a result, many casinos have started to partner with outside agencies to begin their sports betting operations.

Sportsbooks may not be able to offer true mobile betting options in Washington, but that does not mean they are not available. Northern Quest became the second casino to launch a mobile betting app for players to use while at the casino. They also became the second casino to partner with USI to assist with managing their sportsbook operation. The Snoqualmie Casino was the first to do both. As more casinos follow suit, Washington legislators may begin to loosen some of their restrictive betting laws.


Sports betting in the US is continuing to grow. Last month, the Kalispel Tribe of Indians became the second tribe in Washington to launch a mobile betting option at its casino. The Kalispel Tribe launched the app at its Northern Quest Resort and Casino. This week, Northern Quest announced it is partnering with US Integrity to help manage its sportsbook.

USI is a technology company focused on reducing fraud and providing safe sports betting for all involved. The company started in 2018 and has quickly made a name for itself in the sports world. USI currently has partnerships with a number of prominent figures including the NBA, SEC, and William Hill sportsbook.

The partnership between USI and Northern Quest is an obvious one. USI already works with the only other casino in Washington state with a mobile sportsbook. They can also provide valuable guidance to the casino as they venture into the mobile sports betting world. Increased betting options will also likely increase the number of bets placed. Technology from USI will help Northern Quest ensure that all the betting action is done in a legal manner.