July 4th in Las Vegas is Expected to Bring in Thousands of Visitors

Las Vegas July Fourth

One of the biggest travel days of the year for Las Vegas is just around the corner! Many of the casino companies in Las Vegas have been seeing a massive surge of tourists over the past few months. New reports indicate July 4th in Las Vegas could end up being one of the most successful ones in history.

This holiday weekend is always a busy one for the city. In 2021, things may end up more exciting than ever before. Now is a great time to talk about why so many analysts are expecting such a massive surge of visitors this year.

Here’s what you need to know!

Looking Back at the Grand Opening of Resorts World Las Vegas

There are a huge number of casino-resorts spread around the city of Las Vegas. It seems like every decade, a new one opens its doors that takes the city by storm. Back in 2010, the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas achieved that feat.

In more recent years, Resorts World Las Vegas has been under construction in Las Vegas. This property cost $4.3 billion to construct. As many are aware, that makes it the most expensive resort ever built in the city, and expectations for this venue have been extremely high.

Resorts World LV was being built in the northern area of the Las Vegas Strip. It’s here that other highly popular venues such as the Wynn Las Vegas and Encore Las Vegas are located. After several delays, this casino finally held its grand opening on June 24.

This opening night proved to be a huge success. Tens of thousands of individuals flocked to the city to see its latest world-class property. Many were also excited to check out the impressive brand-new cashless gaming system set in place here.

Tourism rates into Las Vegas seem to be increasing at a rapid rate and some claim this is due to the opening of Resorts World Las Vegas. Reservations are now available for this property. Now may be the perfect time to see what exactly $4.3 billion can generate.

The Fourth of July is just around the corner and casino companies in Las Vegas are reporting a jump in hotel bookings. Many analysts now anticipate one of the most successful weekends in history for this city!

Analysts Expect to See a Major Surge in Tourism for July 4th in Las Vegas

The city of Las Vegas has, in many ways, been leading the return of normalcy in the United States. The casinos here took a tremendous hit due to the events that unfolded in 2020. These venues have since worked hard to give their guests the best experience possible throughout 2021.

Nearly all of the restrictions toward casinos here have been removed. That includes the requirements for individuals inside these casinos to wear masks. With the removal of these restrictions comes a major surge in tourism.

July 4th in Las Vegas tends to be a busy time for the casinos here. If all goes according to plan, the 2020 holiday will truly be one for the ages. Scott Sibella, President of the aforementioned Resorts World Las Vegas, spoke about his expectations for the holiday weekend to the media prior to the venue’s opening last week.

“The city has been through a lot,” Sibella said. We’ve all been through a lot, and I think this will be the biggest celebration the city’s ever seen. The message throughout America is that we can finally do things that we want to do.” 

The Resort World Las Vegas President certainly isn’t alone in that sentiment. A huge number of analysts are expecting one of the busiest tourism weekends in years. That will likely result in a massive amount of revenue for the casinos here and some valuable tax money for the city and state.

Las Vegas is far from the only major casino hub hoping to see a surge of visitors over the Fourth of July. Here is a quick look at how other gaming destinations might fare over this holiday weekend.

Atlantic City Also Prepares for a Major July 4th Weekend

There is no doubt that Las Vegas remains the most successful gambling hub in the country. It’s here that more billion-dollar casinos are located than anywhere else. Most agree, however, that Atlantic City remains the biggest gambling hub on the East Coast.

This is another city that was hit extremely hard by the events that unfolded in 2020. All of Atlantic City’s casinos were completely shut down for months last year. Even after reopening, heavy restrictions remained in place that kept most tourists from making the journey here.

We’re beginning to see revenue increase steadily here. Both the casinos and sports betting companies here have consistently reported solid monetary increases. Some of the previously struggling properties are even beginning to see huge surges in revenue. These companies are preparing for a huge surge of tourism over the Fourth of July Weekend.

That includes the Ocean Casino-Resort. This venue is set to undergo a massive renovation soon. It is now the third-most-successful property in the city. Terry Glebocki, President of the Casino Association of New Jersey, claims that July 4th weekend is the perfect time for visitors to make the journey into the city to visit venues like the Ocean Casino-Resort.

“Atlantic City casinos are a great, safe place to enjoy outstanding entertainment, food, shopping, fireworks and beaches this Fourth of July weekend,” he said. “We are excited to welcome back our valued guests after a difficult year and return to a sense of normal. Atlantic City is the place to be this summer, and we are committed to offering visitors a world-class experience during their stay.”

Do you plan on making a trip for July 4th in Las Vegas? Will this holiday weekend be the biggest in the city’s history? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!