Jennifer Roberts is Entering Tennessee’s Gambling Industry

The rise of sports betting can be seen around the entire country. Tennessee officially legalized this form of gambling in May of 2019. This week, news broke that Jennifer Roberts has been hired to help oversee Tennessee’s gambling industry.

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Roberts has a long history of gaming regulation in Nevada. She’ll be a welcome addition to Tennessee’s newly emerging sports betting market.

Let’s take a quick look at this state’s decision to expand its gambling industry.

More States Are Now Embracing Sports Betting

Hopefully, by now, you’ve heard about the surge of sports betting legalization across the country. This is all due to the US Supreme Court’s decision to strike down PASPA. With that set of laws now gone, every state in the country has the ability to legalize sports gambling.

Unsurprisingly, many states have already chosen to do so. Officials around the country recognize how much money can be earned via taxes from the sports betting industry. As of December 2nd, 2019, 20 states have approved sports betting legislation.

13 of these states now have sports betting operations up and running. Some of them allow for both online and land-based sports wagering. Others only allow sports bets to be made in-person. The states with online gambling are earning considerably more money than those without.

As we mentioned earlier, lawmakers in Tennessee approved a sports gambling bill in May of 2019. Sports gambling is now legal in the state. Before any sportsbooks open, however, the state government must agree to regulation plans and grant licenses to sports betting operators.

It’s clear that officials in this state are taking gambling regulations seriously. Reports are surfacing that one of Nevada’s top gambling regulators is officially making the move into Tennessee’s sports gambling industry.

Jennifer Roberts Announces Move Into Tennessee’s Gambling Industry

Nevada is home to many of the country’s best gambling regulators. With the spread of sports betting around the country, many of these regulators have recently moved into other states. According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Jennifer Roberts has accepted a deal to begin working in Tennessee.

The state has officially hired Mrs. Roberts to become the director of sports gaming regulation for the Tennessee Education Lottery Corporation. She’ll certainly have her work cut out. Tennessee is the only state that only allows for online sports gambling. No land-based sportsbooks will open here.

Fortunately, Roberts seems excited about her new role in Tennessee’s gambling industry. She commented to the media this week about the new move.

“It’s setting up the structure for regulation, issuing licenses and getting it launched,” she said. “I’m looking forward to seeing it executed and watching it develop.”

This is great news for the state of Tennessee. Sports betting is still very new here. The guidance of one of Nevada’s top gambling regulators will certainly make things easier.

Sports Betting Competition Grows in the South

The southern states in the US aren’t typically thought of as the most gambling-friendly in the state. Many states in this region ban most forms of gambling. Interestingly, many of them have recently decided to embrace the sports betting industry.

Mississippi was the first southern state to officially legalize sports betting. The first sports wagers were placed here in August of 2018. As of now, only land-based sports betting is available here.

Arkansas was next. Lawmakers here approved a sports gambling bill in early 2019. On July 9th, the first sports bet was placed here at the Oaklawn Racing Casino Resort.

North Carolina has also approved sports gambling legislation. This new bill allows for college and professional sports betting. As of now, these wagers are only being allowed in two retail locations. Officials are trying to decide whether or not to allow statewide sports betting.

Tennessee’s gambling industry will grow significantly with the help of sports betting. It may be a few months before the sportsbook officially begins operating here. Hopefully, Jennifer Roberts helps the regulatory process flow a little smoother.

Stay tuned for more US sports betting news over the next few months!