James Holzhauer WSOP Updates – How is he Faring?

The second-highest earner in Jeopardy history has entered into the 50th World Series of Poker event in Las Vegas, Nevada. It’s exciting news for the tournament, which is already the biggest in WSOP history. Today, we’re going to give some James Holzhauer WSOP updates, explaining how he’s doing thus far. Poker cards and chips

There are some major players competing this year. We’re also going to talk about the rankings, and which players are expected to win the Main Event. Let’s get into it!

James Holzhauer WSOP Performances Haven’t Been Great

There were some major expectations for James to perform at this year’s World Series of Poker event. The 35-year-old made 33 appearances in Jeopardy, earning more than $2.4 million. He’s clearly a trivia master, yet not everyone knows he’s also a professional sports gambler and former semi-professional poker player.

Unfortunately, Holzhauer struggled to gain any real momentum during the tournament. He entered into two separate events. In the first, Holzhauer made it through 14 levels. Things were looking good, but in the 15th level, his pocket 7’s lost on the flop to another play with triple 3’s. He lost the remainder of his chips on the next hand.

Holzhauer entered into the next event but didn’t fare much better. In a tag-team event, he and his partner made their way through the first few levels before losing about a sixth way through the competition. Ultimately, he seems pleased with his performance.

“I didn’t expect to last this long,” he said in a statement to the media. “That’s poker.”

In hindsight, it seems a little ridiculous to expect so much of a James Holzhauer WSOP performance. He’s been out of the poker game for years, and most of the top players around the world are competing this year.

WSOP 50 Results and Predictions

It’s been an extremely exciting tournament so far. Of course, the Main Event is still days away. The final leg of the competition begins on July 3rd and will run until July 16th.

Of course, there are a huge number of smaller events taking place right now. Recently, longtime favorite Phil Hellmuth was knocked out of Event #53. The fifteen-time bracelet winner still managed to earn his 145th WSOP cash overall and 7th cash in of the summer.

At the moment, Benjamin Ector holds the highest chip count by a huge margin with 37,600,000. In second place is Vincent Chauve, who holds 29,000,000. If you want to place a few wagers on this year’s event, Bovada Casino has some fun odds available.

This popular casino website is available throughout the United States. Right now, they’re allowing their members to bet on the age of the winner. The odds that the Main Event winner will be under the age of 29 are set at -140. The odds that the winner will be 29 or above are currently even.

The 50th World Series of Poker set records for the most number of players. Competition is higher than ever before. Even James Holzhauer WSOP updates are a major topic this year! Right now, Bovada is also allowing their players to wager on how many players enter into the Main Event.

At the moment, the odds that more than 7,850.5 players enter are set at -145. The odds that less than 7,850.5 players compete in the Main Event are currently set at +105. This is a fun one that will only be available for a few more days!

James Holzhauer WSOP news has come to an end. Fortunately, we’ll be going over more bets that are available on this major tournament as they come up! Stay tuned for new updates!