James Adducci Won A $1.19 Million Bet on Tiger Woods

Sometimes, gambling is not only based on luck and requires some skills in order to maximize the probability of winning the main prize. In fact, there is a clear division on games of luck and games of skill, although games of skill often include the luck factor. But where does sports betting belong?

Betting on sports certainly requires that you know a lot about the sport that you bet on in order to make the most out of it, but the real fun begins when you step into the unknown and start placing bets that you wouldn’t usually place. In fact, there are two types of bettors – those who like to play it safe and those who like to play it bold. Which one of them is James Adducci?

Mr. Adducci has been the main focus of the news for the last couple of days. Gold magazines, sports magazines, and sports betting platforms all wanted to find out more about this punter and his background, as he managed to win a total of $1.19 million on a bet he placed. Let’s take a closer look at that bet and how James decided to place it.

Adducci’s Bet

The Masters Sunday tournament wrapped up with Tiger Woods being the winner, but it seems he wasn’t the only one celebrating his victory, as James Adducci also managed to profit from his success. Namely, Adducci decided to place a wager on Tiger winning the tournament, investing a total of $85,000 for a single bet. He managed to turn it into a lucrative sum which made Adducci a millionaire overnight as SLS Las Vegas Hotel & Casino paid him his prize of $1,190,000.

Adducci placed the bet on Tuesday, April 9. The odds for Tiger Woods winning the tournament was set at 14/1 (which is +1400). Adducci chose William Hill Sports Book which was a part of SLS Vegas. The win that the lucky punter managed to achieve was the single highest payout that the William Hill Sportsbook made on a bet placed on golf. People bet on golf often, but other sports are way more popular among active enthusiasts, who mainly bet on basketball, soccer, horseraces, hockey, baseball, football, and more.

Paul Hobson is the President and General Manager at SLS Las Vegas, and he stated that they were very excited to see such a life-changing bet taking place there. Furthermore, he added that their partnership with William Hill sportsbooks was an important part of their growth strategy and that they enjoyed the thrills that came with sports betting services.

Nick Bogdanovich, the US Director of Trading at William Hill, stated that it was great to see Tiger Woods coming back, but that it was a ‘painful’ day for William Hill as they had to pay such a big prize to the lucky winner.

SLS Las Vegas did a great job partnering up with William Hill, which is currently one of the most popular sportsbooks in the world. Together, the two companies offer state-of-the-art wagering technologies which are designed in such a way that all guests could enjoy the sports betting offer. All guests of the sportsbook also have access to the cutting-edge mobile betting platform which is currently available for all Android, iPad, and iPhone devices. The land-based sportsbook also features a huge HD video wall where sports lovers will be able to watch their favorite sports events and place bets in an entirely automated in-play wagering environment.