Jacobs Entertainment Invests Over $100M in Sands Regency and Reno Neon Line

Sands Regency RenoThe Sands Regency in Reno will be undergoing a hefty renovation, thanks to their owners, Jacobs Entertainment. The casino’s owners and operators recently unveiled their new designs for the planned remodel and expansion.

On top of the casino renovation plans, Jacobs Entertainment will also invest $150 million in its Reno Neon Line project.

The Reno Neon Line project will be a lively entertainment district that will stretch from downtown Reno’s West Street to Keystone Avenue. It will feature various entertainment and public amenities, including public art, restaurants, retail and more.

Jacobs Entertainment acquired four downtown Reno motels along the upcoming district’s West Fourth Street corridor stretch that they will also revive. Those properties include The Castaway Inn, Seven Eleven Motor Lodge, Town House Motor Lodge, and Sarrazin Arms Apartments.

“At the end of the day, we’ll have around 300 units, including Renova (Flats) and Loft 601,” said CEO Jeff Jacobs in a phone statement.

While Reno has been struggling with an affordable housing market, Jacobs Entertainment promises to increase affordable units with its new projects.

“As part of our proposed development agreement with the city of Reno, Jacobs Entertainment is committed to preserving 100 affordable housing units for the next decade,” Jacobs said. “These will be both senior and workforce affordable housing units, and will represent 30% of our apartment units along Reno’s Neon Line.”

Jacobs Entertainment’s recently announced projects are apart of Reno Neon Line’s second phase of development. The first phase is the new Sands Connect event space that was announced last month (more on that below).

Sands Regency Renovations

As it currently stands, the Sands Regency features over 800 guestrooms and the largest standard guestroom available in downtown Reno.

Back in Octobers, Jacobs told the Reno Gazette that he planned on allocating over $100,000 per room on their flagship casino-hotel Sands Regency remodel.

The company’s goal in refreshing the casino is to make it “the nicest” hotel-casino in Reno and that it’s “not going to be the Sands that your grandmother was used to.”

On top of renovating 725 of the hotel’s guestrooms, the company will also be adding a brand new spa, new restaurants, an exciting new rooftop pool, a new casino, and a second parking garage to top it all off.

“We want to let the site reach its full potential as a destination resort casino,” Jacobs said. “We need as many amenities as we can have to attract folks to come to Reno.”

Phase one of the Sands remodel is expected to be finished by early 2022.

About Sands Connect

The Sands Connect will be a viable event space nestled conveniently between Sands Regency and Gold Dust West. According to Jacobs Entertainment, the event space can be used for public and private events, events like food truck festivals. Outdoor shows, exhibits, farmer’s market and more.

The space will be home to nine of Reno’s more classic neon signs. Jacobs described the design approach as a way to honor Reno’s classic past while launching it into the future.

“Reno’s Neon Line is about celebrating Reno’s future, while also embracing its past,” Jacobs said.

There are already nine events scheduled to take place at Sands Connect in 2020:

June 5 to 7: Reno Art Fest

July 3 to 5: Red, White & Brew

August 6 to 9: Sierra Nevada European Car Festival

August 28 to 29: Camp Tiny Houses

September 4 to 6: Labor Day Weekend Party

September 7 to 9: Playa Transition

September 11 to 12: Little Hero’s

September 19 to 20: Taco Fest

September 25 to 27: Street Vibrations

About Reno’s Neon Line

From their official website:

Reno’s Neon Line District is a $1 billion, mixed-use project that stretches from downtown Reno’s West Street to Keystone Avenue, and from Interstate 80 South to West Second Street. This brand-new live-work-play district will serve as a hub for all ages celebrating Reno’s eccentric culture through pedestrian-friendly amenities, public art, restaurants, retail, and entertainment venues.

About Jacobs Entertainment

From their official website:

Jacobs Entertainment, Inc. (JEI) is a developer, owner and operator of gaming and entertainment facilities in four regions of the United States. The company’s vision is to develop a strategic and geographically diverse portfolio of gaming, lodging and mixed-use facilities that provide guests with an unrivaled entertainment experience.

 With more than 2,000 employees and a long-tenured management team, our experience in real estate, gaming development, financing, leasing and operations establishes JEI as a committed industry leader with a reputation for quality.

 Core to the company’s value is our commitment to ethical leadership, outstanding training, and open employee communication. We are community partners, committed to supporting each jurisdiction in which we work and live.