Is VR Gambling the Next Big Thing?

Las Vegas is fully embracing the virtual reality industry. A number of the city’s top casinos now feature VR rooms set up to give their patrons a new and exciting way to experience multiplayer gaming. We began to wonder, is VR gambling the next big thing coming our way?VR gambling

In many ways, the virtual reality market is still a new one. Some of the biggest tech companies in the world are working to improve the industry, yet gaming options for these devices are still limited. What can we expect in the future?

Las Vegas Casinos Going All-In on Virtual Reality

More than 42 million tourists head to Las Vegas every single year. The majority of these visitors come to visit the city’s casinos and numerous entertainment attractions, yet some are now interested in checking out the emerging VR technology. Some of the top Las Vegas casinos are now offering fully-immersive virtual reality rooms.

The MGM Grand is the first to break into the VR market. In September of 2017, this casino opened up the free-roam virtual reality room by partnering with Zero Latency, a successful VR company. This room offers individuals to engage in multiplayer VR games with up to eight people at a time.

In April of 2018, the Venetian broke into this market by launching its own VR room called “The Void.” Like MGM’s room, this state of the art facility allows you to play multiplayer games in a completely immersive setting. It’s clear that these rooms are successful.

Casinos realize that VR is just one way to attract visitors. Ultimately, the goal is to bring in more gamblers. Executive VP of Caesars Entertainment, Christian Stuart, commented on the future of VR recently.

“This is, for us, an innovation center, it’s a lab if you will,” he said. “We’re trialing things here. And as we see success, we’ll take that technology to the rest of our facilities.”

Could VR Gambling Become an Option in the Future?

A number of popular VR devices already offer gambling-like games. The Oculus Go, for instance, is highly popular with poker players thanks to its “Poker VR” game. Of course, this game does not allow individuals to play for real money.

That could change in the future. A number of states have begun to legalize online casino gambling. In the future, perhaps these states will allow casino fans to play their favorite games from the comfort of home while wagering real cash.

The Global News Wire seems to indicate this is the case. A recent report shows that VR gambling is expected to become the fastest-growing segment in online gambling in years to come.

Las Vegas Casinos are already breaking into the VR market. In time, some of these casinos may provide areas where players can wager on their favorite games while wearing a headset. It’s a strange and exciting time for gamblers everywhere.

Las Vegas Still Struggling to Increase Casino Revenue

It hasn’t been the most successful year for Las Vegas Casinos. For the first four months of the year, casino revenue dropped. In April of this year, casino earnings on the Strip dropped by 3.5% overall. This doesn’t mean Vegas is in any real trouble, though.

It’s still the gambling hub of the United States. A slight dip in overall tourism has attributed to the casino revenue decline.

The success of Atlantic City may also be a factor. Casino revenue in Atlantic City is growing every single month. More people on the East Coast are skipping the trip to Vegas and heading to New Jersey to place their wagers.

VR gambling may be the next market that major casino hubs attempt to break into. Will this be Atlantic City or Las Vegas? Only time will tell.