Is Virtual Reality the Future of Casino Gaming?

Summary: As casinos try to gain the attention of the millennial generation, are virtual reality games the wave of the future?

Live Hotel & CasinoOver the past few years, casino operators have realized that gaming tastes of consumers has changed. For decades, players have been happy with traditional table games and slots but now, as technology has changed rapidly and continues to change, consumers want more. Because we use technology on a daily basis, younger consumers are not attracted to the classic style of casino gaming. For a few years, casinos focused their efforts on adding an element of skill to game play. Now, it seems casinos are shifting gears and looking into virtual reality as a way to bring in gamers to their venues.

Virtual Reality

Several companies are working on virtual reality technology to be able to attract the younger audience to the casino venues. Such companies as International Game Technology have developed virtual reality options where money can be wagered during game play. At IGT, booths known as Virtual Zone are being offered to allow players to try VR games that feature archery theming. The company wants to provide fresh content for consumers as the gambling habits of players are changing.

Back in the spring, the company added VR booths to two casinos in the Las Vegas area to see how well players responded to the offering. The feedback was mixed. The product is now being refined to meet the needs of players.

Caesars Fan Zone

Caesars Entertainment Corp is taking a different approach to the player experience, including VR in the mix. The company launched what they are calling Fan Caves back in October to allow players to have a more social experience at the casino. Each cave can house as many as ten people, offers several television screens, VR gaming and more.

Players can kick back and relax with friends, play VR games or just enjoy drinks and food. The goal is to create and interactive experience where players can be social and enjoy a variety of gaming options. Today’s patrons want to be more involved with technical aspects when it comes to gaming, with a more interactive experience. With Caesars new offering, players can easily find a spot to hang out and enjoy gaming at the same time.

The mindset of casinos online and offline will have to change especially as technology continues to evolve. Think about the 30 to 20-year-old consumer group. These individuals have been able to access mobile technology, computers and video games. Traditional slots and table games like blackjack and craps seem minimal and do not offer as much excitement as other types of gaming content.

For casinos to be successful in the future and gain a stronghold with the younger generations and consumers going forward over the next few decades, changes will have to be made by way of what is presented for entertainment. Currently, casinos are focused on skill games and virtual reality. While traditional games will still be a staple at casinos, the venues will have to offer something new and exciting to keep players interested.

Gaming companies will still create new cabinets that feature slots or tables with games like craps and baccarat, but new elements may be included to offer a flashier way to play. Companies like IGT will continue to look for new and innovative ways to present gambling games that will be accepted by players of the younger generation, implementing skill as well as mobile aspects along the way.