Is it Smart for California’s Casino Industry to Reopen?

We’re slowly creeping toward June and more states are beginning to open back. As many are well-aware, California has been one of the slowest states to resume normalcy. Many are now wondering if it’s smart for California’s casino industry to reopen at this particular moment.California

Many casinos around the country are starting to accept guests again. The effects of this are not yet known. Today, we’re going to talk about what some of the casinos in California have planned.

Let’s get into it!

Governor Newsom Begins Easing California’s Restrictions

Cases of Covid-19 are beginning to drop around the country. As a result, many states have begun easing their stay-at-home orders. In some parts of the country, many different businesses such as gyms and restaurants are now able to operate at limited capacity.

California is one of the most cautious states when it comes to reopening. Governor Gavin Newsom continued to delay opening plans for many weeks, amid heavy criticism. Only recently has the Governor began allowing certain businesses to open their doors again.

This state is just beginning to enter into what’s called “Phase 2” of reopening. That allows things like curbside retail and certain shopping malls to reopen. We’re beginning to see that these phases differ from county to county.

Back in March, California’s casino industry officially began shutting down. Casino owners recognized that these venues posed a serious risk for infection spread. Shutting down all of the state’s casinos has ended up costing a huge amount of revenue.

It may be some time before California’s leaders give casinos the official green light to resume operations. Many still feel that it’s too early to do so. According to new reports, however, many of the state’s casinos plan to open their doors before state leaders recommend.

California’s Casino Industry is Likely to Open Back Up Soon

The land-based casino industry has been devastated by the regulations around the country. The larger the casino industry, the worse it’s being affected. California is home to a huge number of Native American casinos, many of which are expressing a desire to reopen.

This state’s casinos have a unique ability to do so. They sit on Native American sovereign land, meaning they’re able to set their own regulations. That doesn’t mean that California’s leaders are pleased to hear they plan on opening back up.

Governor Newsom recently sent a letter to several of California’s major tribes. In it, he stresses the importance of safety. It’s clear that Newsom feels it’s too early to reopen California’s casino industry.

Some of the state’s casinos have already opened back up. That includes the Viejas Casino & Resort, located in the San Diego area. Despite requiring guests to wear masks and have their temperature checked, a huge number of gamblers flocked inside this venue.

San Diego County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher isn’t asking these tribes to shut down their casinos.

“This is a decision that is for them to make, and there is a very long and very dark history of the country of white people, in particular, telling our Native Americans what they should and shouldn’t do,” he said. “I’m not going to be a part of continuing that into the future. I respect their sovereignty.”

Based on the success of the Viejas Casino, more gambling venues in California are likely to resume their operations soon. Only time will tell how this affects the Covid-19 infection rates in the state.

Mississippi and Louisiana Allow Casinos to Reopen

As we mentioned earlier, several states have officially begun allowing casinos to operate again. That includes Oklahoma and Louisiana, both of which have large and successful gambling industries. It appears the reopened casinos are already hugely popular with locals.

Oklahoma has one of the largest Native American casino industries in the country. Many of the state’s casinos reopened recently. One saw a line of hundreds of people waiting to get inside and start playing.

Louisiana has just recently begun allowing casinos to resume operations. All casinos here will reduce their capacity to just 25%. Eldorado Resorts claims it will open three of its major casinos here over the next few days.

Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves also gave casinos the green light to open last week. He advised casinos in the state to make preparations to accept guests.

Hope is that this can be done safely. States like Nevada are still looking at the safest possible way to reopen major gaming venues. If other states are successful, Nevada could get back on track faster than many expected.

Are you surprised to see California’s casino industry reopen? Is this a smart thing to do right now? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.