Is the Coronavirus in Las Vegas Right Now?

Since December, a deadly new coronavirus called Covid-19 has been spreading around the world. It’s now reaching pandemic levels and world leaders are beginning to prepare for the worst. Many are now beginning to discuss how the coronavirus in Las Vegas would affect the city.Famous Sign In Las Vegas

Vegas is one of the most-visited cities in the country. Millions of individuals fly here every single month. Today, we’re going to discuss what impact the coronavirus would have on Las Vegas.

Rates of Coronavirus Begin Surging Outside of China

The new coronavirus first appeared in late December of 2019 in Wuhan, China. At first, it was unclear how serious this new virus really was. It spread quickly throughout the Hubei province and was eventually traced back to a seafood market that sold illegal wildlife.

As the weeks went on, officials began to understand how serious of an issue this was. Infection rates began surging around the country. Within a month, every single province in China had recorded cases of the coronavirus.

It didn’t take long to hit other countries. As time went on, Thailand, Taiwan, and Japan recorded cases. It then began spreading to western countries like the US, UK, and Italy. Today, the coronavirus has reached 47 different nations. Some, including South Korea, Italy, and Iran, are seeing unprecedented infection rates.

This is likely the worst epidemic in recent history. Officials claim it’s only a matter of time before the virus begins to spread around the United States. Health organizations around the country are now preparing for a major outbreak.

The coronavirus in Las Vegas poses some major issues. Some feel this is the city most in danger of an outbreak. Here’s why this is.

Officials Began Preparing for the Coronavirus in Las Vegas

Around 40 million people visit Las Vegas every single year. It’s one of the biggest tourism cities in America. For this reason, many feel that Las Vegas is in real danger of a coronavirus outbreak.

What’s worse is that the majority of visitors here are all packed without a four-mile radius. Hotels on the Las Vegas Strip could become major venues for infection spread. This is the fear that city officials have right now.

There have been no reports of the coronavirus in Las Vegas yet. Hope is that it stays this way. This week, the Southern Nevada Health District began taking steps to better prepare for an outbreak in the city.

Kimberly Hertin, disease surveillance supervisor for the Southern Nevada Health District, spoke about the preparations with the media this week.

“One or more cases of this actually does constitute the generalized outbreak definition. Which is why the world health organization called this an outbreak pretty early on,” she said. “From that point we would follow up in notifying those that had the potential exposure and monitor them for illness.”

The country’s leaders recently announced new steps to try and prevent the coronavirus from spreading. In other parts of the world, things are continuing to get worse.

Coronavirus Still Impacting Las Vegas Casino Companies

As we’ve already mentioned, no cases of the coronavirus in Las Vegas have been reported so far. Interestingly, this deadly new virus is still taking a toll on Las Vegas casino companies. Many of these companies have lost millions of dollars through their properties in Macau.

As the virus began spreading around China, leaders in Macau decided to close down the city’s casinos. This plan was done in order to prevent further infections around Macau.

The decision to close these casinos ended up costing many Las Vegas casino operators millions of dollars. Eventually, these casinos began opening back up. Several casino officials are now fearing that something similar can happen in Las Vegas.

If the coronavirus in Las Vegas begins to become an issue, many of the city’s top casinos would likely be forced to shut down. This would be devastating for the companies that run these venues. For this reason, health officials in the state are determined to prevent major outbreaks.

This situation continues to get worse. In Europe, the coronavirus is spreading quickly. We’ll need to hope that measures are taken to eventually kill off this scary new virus.

Stay tuned for more Las Vegas casino news over the next few months!