Is a Casino to Blame for the Cardinals’ Covid-19 Cases?

The 2020 MLB season officially on July 23rd. Since that time, the world’s biggest baseball league has been plagued by issues. After new reports, some are beginning to wonder if a casino is to blame for the Cardinals’ Covid-19 cases.Casino Table Game

As many already know, the St. Louis Cardinals have seen a number of positive Covid-19 cases pop up over the past few days. It’s a serious issue that may end up forcing the cancelation of this year’s MLB season. Today, we’re going to look at what could have caused this new surge in cases.

The 2020 MLB Season is Up and Running

Baseball is and always has been one of the most popular sports in the United States. Since March, many people around the country have been calling for the 2020 MLB season to resume. After months of deliberation, league officials announced the season would begin again on July 23rd.

This is what everyone wanted to hear. Several major leagues had already started operating again. The MLB was unique, however, in the fact that it wasn’t putting its players in a bubble. Most agreed that doing so would be extremely difficult.

The season this year is significantly different from all others. All teams were scheduled to play 60 games. An expanded 16-team postseason is scheduled to begin on September 29th. Unsurprisingly, no fans are allowed to attend any games.

Baseball season is back and games are now taking place on a regular basis. Television ratings for these games have been great. Unlike many other sports, baseball doesn’t seem to suffer from its lack of crowds. Many fans are now betting on different game outcomes.

That doesn’t mean that everything is going smoothly. As the weeks go on, more teams are experiencing issues. We’ve seen many positive Covid-19 tests over the past two weeks. Many fear that if this trend continues, the season will be canceled entirely.

We’re now beginning to learn more about what led to several players on the St. Louis Cardinals coming up positive for the new coronavirus.

Visit to Local Casino May Have Caused the Cardinals’ Covid-19 Cases

Without a regimented bubble set in place, it’s been incredibly difficult for the MLB to stay away from the new coronavirus. Players have been able to move around as they please. That wasn’t making it easy for league officials who continue to deal with new coronavirus cases. Now, players are banned from leaving their hotels.

Recently, news surfaced that four players on the Cardinals and three team staff members tested positive for this new virus. Additional tests of team members have since been taken. It seems highly likely that more players will come up positive, as well.

We’re starting to hear what may have caused the Cardinals’ Covid-19 cases. Reports came out that several players visited a local casino. Exactly what casino was visited is unknown. Cardinals executive John Mozeliak is already shooting these reports down.

“I have no factual reason to believe that is true, and I have not seen any proof of that,” Mozeliak said. If they were at a casino, though, that would be disappointing.”

Casinos have been opening in Missouri for months. All have strict safety protocols set in place. With that being said, these venues remain easy places for the new coronavirus to spread from person to person.

We’ll continue hearing more about the Cardinals’ situation over the next couple of weeks. Some are now asking how this news could affect Missouri’s casino industry.

Missouri Casinos Still Struggle to Bring in Revenue

Missouri isn’t typically thought of as a major gambling destination. In reality, though, this state draws in many tourists from nearby states to take part in its gaming fun. There are 14 different casinos in the state, most of which are now open.

Casino revenue in this state remains low. Gambling revenue across the entire country is significantly lower right now than it was in 2019. The fact remains that most of the country doesn’t want to visit and play inside a crowded casino.

No one seems to have the best approach to increase Missouri’s gaming revenue. Some feel that Missouri could benefit from legal sports betting. As of now, however, the state has not passed any bills to legalize and regulate sports gambling.

The news of the Cardinals’ Covid-19 cases possibly coming from a casino certainly won’t help. Some may be even more fearful that these venues will result in infection spread.

Many different industries are hurting right now. That includes the professional sports and casino industry. Hope is that things improve over the next few months.

Do you think a casino is to blame for the Cardinals’ situation? Let us know in the comments section below!