Iowa Opens up Betfred SportsBook at Grand Falls Casino

Sportsbook Moneylines, Map of Iowa Postcard
The Grand Falls Casino & Golf Resort in Larchwood was the first Northwest to officially allow sports betting last September. On Thursday, they celebrated a momentous milestone with the grand opening of their new Betfred Sportsbook. Betfred, a reputable English-based gambling operator first founded in 1967, will be running the sportsbook’s daily operations as part of the new partnership with the casino.

Not only is the Betfred partnership unique to the state, but the country as a whole. The Iowa casino has the honor of being the first casino in the US that will be providing sports bets through the wildly popular Great Britain company. It will be exciting to see the imprint the company will make in their first expedition overseas.

Bryan Bennett, chief operating officer of Betfred USA Sports, seems more than optimistic:

“It’s been robust, as you would think, Tuesday was bigger than Monday, Wednesday was bigger than Tuesday, today’s going to be bigger,” Bennett said. “And it’s going to keep going, Sunday obviously culminating with the Super Bowl.”

Betfred Partnership Will Allow Robust Betting Options

Being backed by a heavyweight sports betting operator like Betfred means that the casino will easily have the means to accommodate a wide variety of bets. Versatility on this playing level makes them an extremely attractive betting provider in the region, so much so that they can surpass the level that Las Vegas sportsbooks might even provide.

The various bets the new Betfred Sports offers include, but are not limited to, professional and collegiate level games, prop bets featuring a variety of different factors (not just the winning team), and a variety of professional sports.

“For the Super Bowl alone, we have probably 1,000 props, 1,000 different things you can bet on, just for the Super Bowl alone,” Bennett said.

App Launch in the Works

In addition to the physical sportsbook currently being operated at Grand Falls, Betfred is also planning to launch an app. This will allow bettors more variety in their betting experience and add another element of available options and convenience that’s been the trademark behind Betfred’s success over the years.

The company hopes to have the app rolled out and up and running, just in time for March Madness, which begins on March 15, 2020.

About Betfred

Betfred is an innovating UK-based sports betting operator who opened their first shop in 1967 in Salford, England, through founding brothers Fred and Peter Done. With over 50 years in operation, they’ve grown to become one of the most established and respected names in the gambling industry.

From expanding from a single shop to creating an empire of more than 1,650 brick-and-mortar shops in England, to transitioning to the digital sphere and making their name in online gambling, Betfred has been a reputable source for wager making that’s consistently developed and improved itself over time.

In addition to Iowa, Betfred is planning to enter into more states with their sports betting operation, including Pennsylvania and Colorado.