IGT Investing in New Lottery Ticket Press in Florida

IGT Global Solutions

IGT Global SolutionsIGT has spent $15 million on a new facility to house an instant ticket press in the state of Florida.

IGT Global Solutions is a global provider of gaming options from casino style games to lottery tickets. The company recently announced they are now spending $15 million to expand to house a new instant ticket press for lottery gaming. The new facility will house state-of-the art machinery to be able to produce instant lottery tickets in Lakeland, Florida.

Increasing Printing Capacity with New Technology

Business owners have to be able to meet the demand of their consumer. In lottery gaming, there have to be enough tickets in place for consumers to be able to play the instant lottery games. With the latest investment by IGT, the company will now be able to increase printing capacity for instant tickets by 30%. This will be done by the company using a new TRESU press that is servo-controlled.

With the expansion, IGT will be adding a space of 45,000 square feet that will be used to house a new press. In this space, IGT will provide more space for production along with an area for shipping and receiving. Office space will be provided for officials of the company along with a storage area for finished instant tickets. The new press will not be ready to come online until 2018 but when it does, it will be the newest in the lottery industry and continue to help IGT to have a leg up on the competition when it comes to producing gaming products.

The new press will actually use flexography technology with only the latest advancements added to the printing press. The machine, known as TRESU, will work well with the Gallus press, the current servo-controlled model used to create instant lottery tickets. This model also uses the flexography technology.

Michael Chambrello is the Chief Executive Officer for IGT and North America Lottery who stated that the addition of the new TRESU press at its core is a commitment by the company to their customers. Customers of the lottery expect nothing but the best including high quality ticket production as well as innovative gaming options. IGT has a customer-first philosophy that they are trying to keep to with the latest investment.

According to Chambrello, IGT is proud of the growth the company has experienced with the instant ticket printing and service business within the past few years that has led the company to invest in the expanded facility and the new press option. As the expansion comes in to play, IGT will be able to have more flexibility when it comes to production scheduling as well as provide even more great products and solutions to help with sales growth.

The lottery industry in the United States is quite large and the ability to be more flexible with production will be of benefit to IGT and their customers. Backup production capacity will heavily increase which will help to serve the lottery industry as a whole. Over the next few years, the company expects that they will be adding as many as 60 employment positions at the facility in Lakeland as they see the facility expand and the new press in operation.

This is an interesting inside look into the creation of lottery tickets for the lottery industry in the US. IGT continues to be a top provider of gaming solutions and this expansion shows they are committed to providing only quality options for their clients as well as consumers.