iGaming in Rhode Island? It’s A Possibility Says One State Senator

Senator William Conley

Senator William ConleyIn a recent interview, Senator William Conley of Rhode Island has stated he feels that online gambling could be legalized in his state.

This year was one of progress when it comes to online gambling in the United States, with a new state having passed legislation to offer online casino and poker games as well as several other states looking into expanding their industries online. Also in the mix is the potential to see sports betting allowed across the nation, with individual states having the ability to make the decision as to whether or not they want to become involved. Sports betting will become a reality if the United States Supreme Court rules in favor of New Jersey, with several other states making the move to get in on the betting action. In a recent interview, one senator of Rhode Island has said that if the outcome is positive for sports betting, he sees his state becoming involved.

Rhode Island and Online Gambling

Senate Finance Committee Chairman Senator William Conley was recently interviewed by WPRI where he discussed the New Jersey sports betting case as well as online gambling. A decision in the case is set to take place during the first half of the New Year and with a positive outcome for New Jersey, it could lead to other states legalizing sports gambling.

During the interview, Conley was asked by the reporter if he would be open to online gambling in Rhode Island if the state prevail in the New Jersey sports betting case. In response, Conley stated that he thinks the Senate president believes that online gambling is something Rhode Island should look at seriously and that it would bring in revenue. The senator also stated that it would be possible that the state could pass legislation next session on the matter.

So, does Conley’s comments refer to sports betting or overall online gambling, encompassing sports betting, casino and poker games? It is not clear in the interview as to what exactly the Senator is referring to. The state could already go ahead and decide to legalize online casino and poker games, since other states have already done so and been offering services for years, for example, Delaware, Nevada and New Jersey. This fact would suggest that the state would be considering sports betting, but who knows?

Sports Betting and Rhode Island

If Rhode Island decided to legalize sports betting, it is assumed that either the state lottery would be in charge or the casinos of the state would offer gaming. If legislature of the state gets the ball rolling for sports betting, they would actually be able to set up a nice industry. In New England, there are no states currently ready to offer sports betting should it become an option across the US. By taking action now, Rhode Island would be sitting pretty as the only provider in this area of the country.

Other states are also considering passing legislation in regard to sports betting in light of the New Jersey case. Massachusetts and Connecticut are just two states thinking about moving forward with legislation for sports betting. If made available, we may see several states ready for gaming and sports betting made readily available in a short amount of time.

For now, the Rhode Island Senators comments could mean total overall gaming or sports betting might be discussed for the state. At any rate, it would be a positive step forward for online gaming in the United States, if anything is being considered.