Iowa Casinos Pay Stiff Penalties for Violations


IowaCasinos in Iowa must be pay penalties due to violations of gaming regulations.

Across the United States, there are casinos and gaming facilities in operation. Each of these facilities must adhere to strict rules and regulations created by their governing bodies. If a gaming venue does not comply, they are at risk of punishment such as fines or losing their gaming licensing. In Iowa, casinos located in Jefferson and Clinton counties must now pay a penalty due to being in violation of gaming regulations.

Wild Rose Casinos

There is a Wild Rose casino located in Jefferson County as well as Clinton County. The two gaming venues face penalties for violating regulations on banned gamblers. When a player chooses to ban themselves from game play, casinos must ensure these individuals do not have access to the gaming floor. In Wild Rose of Clinton, a mailer was sent to a player in September who had banned themselves in the February before.

This was a big no-no and the casino must now pay a $5,000 fine. Steve Nauman is a representative of the casino who told the Racing and Gaming Commission that the casino takes the self-ban process very seriously.

According to Nauman, the casino has spent ‘countless hours’ going through the program. Changes have been made, including safeguards to protect players. Nauman stated that the issue in this instance was that the marketing coordinator did not pull a new list when mailing out the information. Now, the marketing coordinator will not be able to send out emails until the new list has been pulled and the list has been signed off on. This is an added layer of protection to try and stop this from happening again.

Wild Rose of Jefferson

Another Wild Rose venue can be found in Jefferson County of Iowa, with another instance of self-banning problems. An individual who had signed up for the self-ban list was able to sign up for a player card at this venue. Travis Dvorak is the general manager of the venue and quickly apologized for the incident and stated that the gaming venue has taken appropriate measures to avoid such signups from happening again.

Additional measures have been taken by the Jefferson venue for security purposes including having the head of security for the casino to train in ID identification. A new audit procedure has been implemented with a monthly audit taking place involving the state ban list, adding the list to the internal control system.

The Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission has decided to review the rules involving self-banning from gaming venues since there are been several recent violations. According to the administrator of the Commission, Brian Ohorilko, the staff of the commission have created a task force that will evaluate the procedures that are currently being used to prevent individuals that are on the list from being provided marketing materials.

The Commission has also visited operators to consult on what is working and what is not working so well. This way, a common goal can be created to find the best practices that will work for all license holders to ensure gamers are protected.

A penalty involving self-banning can range from $5,000 to $20,000 based on the violation. The severity of the penalty will be dependent on the violations that the casino has been subject to within one calendar year. The more violations, the higher the amount of the penalty.