Iowa All-In for Sports Betting


IowaAfter the US Supreme Court ruling overturning a federal law prohibiting legalized sports betting in the majority of the US, several states are now considering legislation, including Iowa.

When the United States Supreme Court decided to overturn PASPA, a law prohibiting sports betting from being legalized in most every state of the nation, it seemed every state was ready to jump on the wagering band wagon. Delaware and New Jersey are already offering sports betting while other states are focusing on creating legislation to get started as well. Just recently, lawmakers in Iowa, along with casinos and retailers, have begun to show their support for the new industry, discussing how the option can become a reality in their state.

Ready to Get Started

It seems the state of Iowa is ready to get the ball rolling when it comes to sports betting. Back in June, the board of the Lottery decided to approve a motion that would see the state begin to explore sports lottery and its feasibility with vendors and lawmakers in the state. The casino industry would like to see legislation approved to legalize sports betting via casino platforms, including offering mobile gaming.

The state may be able to start with the House File 2448 when it comes to legislation, a measure that already gained approval within the House State Government and Ways and Means committees. Yet, the republicans in the House were not keen on the idea, with no support shown, and the Senate has not taken action on the matter.

Representative Jake Highfill is the manager of the bill who will now be working with lawmakers in the House and Senate to figure out who is supportive of sports betting legalization. The state’s gaming association were in favor of the bill and are planning on meeting with lawmakers over the summer to be able to provide information on the pros of legalizing the option and how setting a solid tax rate would help the casinos to compete with illegal sites that operate offshore.

Everyone Wants In

It seems that everyone wants in when it comes to sports betting. According to Highfill, the casinos want to take part but so do grocery stores, convenience stores and other retail outlets. Professional sports leagues are also speaking up, requesting the integrity fee that has been asked for in just about every state it seems. Leagues think that they should be paid a fee to maintain the integrity of sports games if betting is allowed as there will be more of a threat of compromise.

There is room for both the casinos and the lottery to be involved in sports betting. A large percentage of sports betting operations offered worldwide is done so via the lottery. Right now in Iowa, the Racing and Gaming Commission is in charge of overseeing casino gambling and the Lottery is in charge of games like Powerball and scratch tickets.

When it comes to sports betting in the state, the casinos would most likely offer full service options like betting on certain aspects of a game like a coin toss in football or the next strike in baseball as well as the outcome of a game. The lottery retailers would offer something different, games that would cater to a casual audience instead of the full scale bettor.

Over the next few weeks, it will be interesting to see how the state handles their sports betting discussions and if any legislation will eventually be able to come into play. Only time will tell is Iowa will join other states like New Jersey and Delaware in offering sports betting services.