Horseshoe Casino Baltimore Signs New Contract with Unions for Wage Increase

Horseshoe Casino Baltimore

Horseshoe Casino BaltimoreTable game dealers to make more at Horseshoe Casino Baltimore as the casino signs new agreement with Union.

In the casino gaming industry, unions exist in a variety of employment categories including table game dealers, food service, janitorial work and more. The unions are in place to ensure employees are treated fairly, with quality benefits and wages. Just recently, the Horseshoe Casino Baltimore was able to come to an agreement with a group of five unions, having agreed to new wages for table games dealers. Employees who work at the table games will now be able to earn an increase in hourly pay by 1% based on the new contract agreement.

Union Negotiates New Deal

The National Gaming Workers’ Coalition and Caesars Entertainment, the owner of the Baltimore casino, were able to negotiate a new ratified contract that will provide table game dealers with higher wages. Before the deal, the majority of the wages earned by dealers were from tips. The new increase will certainly help the finances of employees.

On Tuesday, the National Gaming Workers’ Coalition, a group of five unions, announced that they were able to successfully unionize around 1,000 gaming, food and beverage employees of the casino and negotiate a five year contract. The new contract took effect this month.

In an announcement on the new contract, UAW Local 17 bargaining committee chairman Aaron Carter, stated that the working conditions have been improved across the board with the new contract. The contract will be helpful to the members who have jobs to be able to support their family. With the changes, the 570 dealers of table games will be able to see an increase in wages to $6.30 per hour on average. An additional $1.75 will be provided per hour based on the dealer’s knowledge of games at the casino.

Breaking Down the Benefits

Many employees of the casino count tips as their main income. For those employees, their hourly wages went from $3.72 per hour to $10.76 an hour. Employees making $4.66 an hour will now be able to earn $11.20 per hour starting this month. By October of 2021, the range of hourly wages will increase to $7.90 an hour to $12.53 an hour based on individual employee pay.

Employees who do not receive tips will see an increase in hourly wages from $9.25 to $27 to $10.56 to $29.15 starting this month. These same positions will increase by 2021 in October to $14.67 to $31.39 an hour.

The union coalition consists of the Unite Here Local 7 which is a representation of the beverage and food service employees, slot attendants, stewards and cleaners. The UAW represents the dealers of poker games and table games as well as dual-rate dealers. Stage hands and audio visual techs are represented by the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees Local 19 while the parking attendants, warehouse workers and drivers are represented by the International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 355. Slot machine technicians are represented in the coalition by the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 37.

Additional benefits under the contract provide employees with a health plan that require no deductible and have lower out of pocket cost. Previously, employees were paying $1,350 to $3,300 a year for deductibles. The casino has agreed that employees should be considered full time based on staffing needs and they will continue to provide for a fund known as Taft-Hartley that will offer scholarships to children and grandchildren of employees as well as pay for training for members of the union.