Here’s What You Need to Know About CES 2021 in Las Vegas

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The very first CES event took place in New York City in June of 1967. Since that time, this massive trade show has taken place every single year, attracting technology enthusiasts from around the world. As many are aware, CES 2021 in Las Vegas is scheduled to take place early next week.

This event will be unlike any other in history. The changes being made are taking a serious toll on the city of Las Vegas. Today, we’ll be discussing the details of this important trade show.

Let’s get into it!

The Convention Industry in Las Vegas Took a Major Hit in 2020

In March, something completely unprecedented happened in the city of Las Vegas. It was this month that all of the casinos in the city shut down. This had never happened in the history of Las Vegas and had an immediate, devastating effect.

Tourism came to a screeching halt. Several of the main concourses in the Las Vegas International Airport closed down. The major casino-resorts here started seeing their revenue fall extremely quickly.

Things never completely recovered here. Over the course of the year, gambling revenue and tourism rates fluctuated. They both remained far below what was seen in 2019, though. Some analysts feel it could be years before we see those levels again.

The convention industry here took a major hit this year, too. Officials have prohibited these types of large gatherings for the entire year. It’s resulted in a massive revenue drop for many companies that rely on these conventions.

Things are clearly difficult here. No one knows how things will look at this time next year. Interestingly, there are now events taking place here that are being hosted entirely online. That includes the popular CES trade show.

This year’s CES will be unlike any others in history, though. We’re now beginning to hear more about the situation surrounding the event.

More Information About CES 2021 in Las Vegas is Coming Out

Most people have heard of CES before. This massive event has been taking place since the 60s and has become a showcase for incredible new technological achievements. All of the recent CES events have been taking place in Las Vegas.

This year’s CES is also slated to take place in the city of Las Vegas. It will be different than the ones in the past, though. CES 2021 in Las Vegas is being hosted entirely online. No attendees will be allowed this year, costing the city millions.

Things are still expected to be exciting, though. Many of the world’s biggest tech companies including Samsung, LG, and Sony will all be showcasing new items. There are expected to be some massive new announcements made over the next few days.

CES is also known for showcasing some incredible robots. This year will be no different! We’ve already begun to hear about some of the robots expected to be featured this year. That includes the Coro-Bot, an “antivirus disinfection robot” created by Hills Engineering in South Korea.

AMD Technology is slated to be one of the main companies focused on this year. Dr. Lisa Su, a keynote speaker for AMD, spoke about the company’s appearance at CES to the media this week.

“AMD technology is at the heart of some of today’s most popular consumer products and services,” Su said. “As we push the envelope on performance, we expand what is possible in personal computing, gaming and online services and experiences. I look forward to sharing exciting new technology developments at CES 2021, and what it will mean to the way we live, work, learn and play.”

CES 2021 in Las Vegas will run from January 11 to 14. Tickets for the virtual event are now being offered online. It will certainly be different, yet should still be a big hit with tech fans around the world.

Las Vegas Casinos Are Still Working to Promote Tourism

2020 proved that Las Vegas is a city that relies on tourism. For many months out of the year, the tourism industry here was almost non-existent. There is reason to be excited about the city next year and some analysts predict a major turnaround.

With effective vaccine distribution, travel could resume around the country. Many people will be looking for a vacation in major gambling hubs such as Las Vegas. Many of the biggest casino companies here are now working hard to promote trips later in the year.

We’re seeing an increase in Las Vegas deals popping up right now. That includes discounted room rates and show tickets. Casinos realize that these deals could be instrumental in getting the tourism industry back up and running.

No one really knows what to expect this year. Being optimistic certainly helps, though. If all goes according to plan, major gambling hubs like Las Vegas could find themselves in an even better position than they were in 2019.

CES 2021 in Las Vegas is just around the corner! Online attendees will have the opportunity to see some of the coolest new technological achievements. Stay tuned for a recap of the event after it concludes!

Do you plan to buy a ticket for the CES event this year? Which company are you most excited to see? Let us know in the comments section below!