Here’s What to Expect at Atlantic City Casinos When they Reopen

Casinos across the United States are finally reopening their doors. Atlantic City is one of the last major gambling hubs to open back up. This week, we received some information about what to expect at Atlantic City casinos once they start accepting guests again.Governor Phil Murphy

For obvious reasons, officials in this city are concerned about safety. When the gambling venues in AC open, they won’t look quite the same as they did back in February. Today, we’re going to discuss how these venues will be set up for guests.

Governor Murphy Discusses Opening Date for AC Casinos

There is no bigger gambling destination on the East Coast quite as big as Atlantic City. This part of New Jersey has grown tremendously over the past decade. Prior to the global pandemic, both casino and sports betting revenue here were surging.

In March, things came to a screeching halt. Rates of Covid-19 began to increase rapidly throughout New Jersey. By mid-March, Governor Phil Murphy began ordering all of the casinos in Atlantic City to close their doors.

For residents and business owners in this city, the casino closures were cause for concern. Many had flashbacks to the financial crisis of 2008, when many of the top casinos here ended up going bankrupt. As the weeks went on and the casinos here remained closed, the calls to lift regulations started to increase.

Late last month, Governor Murphy spoke to the media about this situation. He expressed concern about opening things too early. Murphy recognizes how important these casinos are, though, and announced that he expects Atlantic City’s gambling venues to reopen by the 4th of July.

Some felt this date was too far away. The casino companies here are losing money every single day. Others were simply happy to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Now, we’re beginning to hear more about what to expect at Atlantic City casinos when they open up next month.

Here’s What to Expect at Atlantic City Casinos

As we mentioned earlier, many states across the country are beginning to allow casinos to reopen. That includes ones in Oklahoma and Nevada. According to Governor Murphy, the casinos in Atlantic City should be allowed to start accepting guests early next month.

Many residents have been asking how these gaming venues will look. That picture is starting to become more clear. Resorts Casino Hotel, one of the biggest and best venues here, released a report that details some of the measures being set in place.

Guests here can expect similar measures to those set in Las Vegas’ recently-reopened casinos. That includes social distancing measures on the casino floor. Some venues will also install ultraviolet lights in high-traffic areas and a bipolar ionization system to purify the casino’s air.

Mark Giannantonio, the CEO and President of this casino-resort, claims he’s extremely excited to see things getting back to normal here.

“We are excited about being one of the safest destinations in our region upon reopening,” Giannantonio said. “We want our guests to be able to enjoy the friendly and warm experience that has always been part of our core values.”

It’s safe to assume that things will be a little different here than they were in the past. Plexiglass separators will likely be installed at table games. Casino employees will also likely be required to wear masks.

The success of Las Vegas may help speed up the process of reopening the casinos here.

The First Weekend Of “Reopened Las Vegas” Has Wrapped Up

On June 4th, several of the biggest casino-resorts in Las Vegas finally opened back up. Many analysts around the country were extremely interested to see how things would play out. The weekend has wrapped up and tourists here are now heading home.

Some of these tourists spoke with the Las Vegas Review-Journal about their experiences in the city. Most visitors claim they had a great time in this city. Officials in Nevada have to be happy to hear this.

Corrie Byrd, a visitor from Texas, told the LVRJ he had a great trip.

“Overall, it was still fun Vegas for us,” he said. “The crowd was a little lighter than normal.”

That’s a common talking point amongst visitors. Just about everyone seemed to talk about the small crowds. As time goes on and more casinos open here, these crowds will continue to get bigger.

Officials in New Jersey have to be pleased to see things work in Las Vegas. The same things we expect at Atlantic City casinos can be seen here. We’ll continue to offer updates on the situation in New Jersey over the next few weeks.

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