Here’s What Caesars Palace Will Look Like After Reopening

Casinos across Nevada are gearing up to reopen. It’s exciting news, yet some have concerns that these casinos will not offer the same fun atmosphere that was available just a few months ago. Today, we’re going to discuss what Caesars Palace will look like once it begins accepting guests again.

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According to several reports, Caesars will resume normal operations next month. In fact, many casino-resorts in Las Vegas will open up in June. It’s great news for this city, which has lost an incredible amount of revenue in March and April.

Here’s what we know about the reopening of Caesars.

Nevada Will Soon Enter Into Phase 2 of Reopening

Almost all states around the country are beginning to reopen. Some have been quicker to do so than others. In Georgia, for example, most businesses are now able to freely operate. In California, however, much of the entire state remains in lockdown.

Nevada has been fairly slow to reopen. Since March, all of the casinos in this state have been completely closed down. As many know, crowded casinos are perfect places for a virus to spread. Closing these gambling venues down has resulted in a huge number of job losses and millions in lost revenue.

According to new reports, Nevada is likely to enter into phase two of its reopening this weekend. The state economy continues to suffer and everyone wants to see things get back on track. That’s exactly what will happen during phase two.

This plan allows for “broader opening of commerce/retail, services and public life under extremely strict social distancing measures, hygiene and occupancy controls.” Interestingly, this plan does not specify which businesses will be allowed to reopen. It will consist of several stages and will last for weeks.

Casinos are expected to start reopening next month. Testing has improved in the state and many now feel that major casino-resorts can safely start to accept guests again. That includes Caesars Palace, one of the biggest and best gambling venues in Las Vegas.

Officials Offer an Update On What Caesars Palace Will Look Like Next Month

Caesars Palace first opened its doors back in 1966. It’s gone through several major renovations over the years. Many still consider it one of the best casino-resorts in the world. As we mentioned earlier, Caesars Palace has been closed to the public since March.

It’s been an incredibly unusual time for the owners of this venue. Sean McBurney, the general manager of this hotel-casino, spoke about the situation to Yahoo News this week.

“The first time walking through the hotel lobby and walking down Colosseum Way and not seeing anybody, it was spooky,” McBurney said. “You know, this is a property [that] since 1966 has had tens of thousands of people walking through it each and every day. To go from tens of thousands of people walking through it every single day to maybe 15, most of those are security, is surreal.” 

The current plan is for Caesars Palace to open back up in June. McBurney went on to claim that certain parts of the hotel would open up as soon as demand was there. He then gave a more clear picture of what Caesars Palace will look like over the next few months.

Caesars’ casino floor will be open, yet social distancing will be mandatory. Staff will be required to wear masks. Guests will be highly encouraged to do so. It’s not entirely clear when The Forum Shops will reopen to the public.

For the next few months, guests will stay inside the Augustus Tower. Reservations are already available. Hope is that enough tourists decide to visit and gamble here to help make up for the monetary losses over the past few months.

What Else is Opening Up in Nevada Next Month?

Nevada residents are extremely excited to hear that things are beginning to reopen. For many, it’s crucial that things begin to change. Hundreds of thousands of people in Las Vegas have been left without work due to the casino closures.

It’s unclear what businesses will open back up during phase two. According to new reports, bans on large gatherings won’t be lifted until phase three.

Restaurants will be allowed to slowly reopen over the next two months. They will almost certainly be required to limit capacity. It’s becoming clear that a huge number of restaurants in this state will ultimately be forced to close down permanently.

It’s a very unusual time for this state. Casinos are being allowed to open earlier than many other businesses in the state. Casino companies are simply desperate to get back on track before it’s too late.

We’re just beginning to hear more about what Caesars Palace will look like once it reopens to the public. Things will certainly be different, yet some are just happy to see things getting back on track. We’ll need to wait and see how much tourism the city begins to see next month.

Are you excited to see Caesars open back up? Do you think it’s smart to visit Las Vegas right now? Let us know in the comments section below.