Here’s How Casinos Will Look After Restrictions Are Lifted

It’s been nearly two months since most casinos around the US began to close. Unfortunately, all of the country’s gambling venues remain shut down. This week, several experts began discussing how casinos will look after the current restrictions set in place are lifted.Slot Machines Inside Casino

Different states are beginning to open up. Unfortunately, it’s still unclear when land-based casinos will be able to open up again. Now is the perfect time to discuss what steps casino owners are likely to take once things begin getting back to normal.

US Casino Companies Continue to Lose Revenue

The past few weeks have been some of the hardest in the history of the US casino industry. Never before have all the country’s gambling venues been forced to shut down. To make things worse, no one can really say when these casinos will be able to open their doors again.

It’s no surprise that this is costing many companies a huge amount of money every single month. This is especially true for the ones operating large casino-resorts. Companies in Las Vegas, for example, are losing millions of dollars every day.

Even smaller casino markets are still hurting. Not long ago, a report surfaced that revealed how much money the casinos in Pennsylvania are losing. This report claims that revenue dropped from $304 million in February to just $154 million in March.

In April, the gambling revenue earned in this state was almost non-existent. All casinos remain closed here. Some fear that many of the casinos in Pennsylvania may be forced to shut down permanently.

Some parts of the country are beginning to lift their restrictions. Officials within the gambling industry are now shedding some light on how casinos will look once they open back up. Here’s what we can expect.

Experts Discuss How Casinos Will Look Once They Reopen

In early March, many different casinos around the country began shutting down. Since that time, infections have spiked in some areas and plateaued in others. Several states are now beginning to open back up.

The American Gaming Association has continued to ask when casinos will be able to open again. It’s a tough question, as casinos pose a serious risk for infection spread. Now, casino officials are talking about the steps they will take to protect their patrons.

Most agree that guests and employees will be required to wear masks. Many also feel that sanitizers will be placed around the casino floor. Jim Allen, president of the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino chain, spoke about this situation to the media this week.

“It’s important to focus on safety; it truly is,” Allen said. “But I sincerely feel there are those who do not have a clue as to the economic challenge this is creating. The ripple effect of the trillions of dollars in debt we’ve just put on the United States by printing money is something that we all need to be very focused on.”

There’s certainly some validity to this. The US casino industry employs a huge number of people. Closing the country’s casinos down has taken a serious toll on the economy.

No one really knows how casinos will look once they begin opening up. Most agree that they won’t be the same for quite some time. Recently, more and more individuals have begun calling for casinos in Las Vegas to open back up.

Las Vegas Casinos Begin Preparing to Open Up

At the start of this year, things were going incredibly well in Las Vegas. Tourism was increasing fast and gambling revenue was at an all-time high. As March approached, things began to change rapidly and now the city is essentially shut down.

For a city that relies on tourism, this has been devastating. As time goes on, more officials here have begun asking for things to reopen. Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman has called the Governor’s regulations “total insanity” and wants to see casinos operating again.

Governor Sisolak refuses to say when Las Vegas can return to normal. That isn’t stopping casinos from making preparations, though. Several of the biggest casinos in Las Vegas are beginning to announce the measures they’ll take after reopening.

This is shedding some light on how casinos will look in Las Vegas over the next few months. The Venetian, for example, has announced that it will utilize thermal cameras to scan for individuals with fevers. EMT’s will also be present to care for those suspected of having Covid-19.

If all goes according to plan, the Venetian will start accepting guests in June. This is an unprecedented time, though, and it’s very possible that this date will be pushed back.

Stay tuned for more Las Vegas casino news over the next few weeks!