Harrah’s Philadelphia Set to Offer Legal Sports Betting

Pennsylvania has begun allowing a variety of different casinos to offer online casino gaming and sports betting operations. Several of the state’s top gaming venues now have live internet gambling options available to players. Today, Harrah’s Philadelphia have announced they will have live online sports betting before the upcoming NFL season begins. Sports Betting Inside A Casino

The NFL is the most-watched and bet-on sports league in the United States. It makes sense for Harrah’s to begin offering sports wagering before the next season. Let’s take a look at what this popular casino will offer, and how Pennsylvania’s sports betting market is performing.

Online Sports Betting Is a Major Success for Philadelphia

For many years, only one US state was legally allowed to offer sports betting odds. In May of 2018, the US Supreme Court struck down PASPA, allowing every state to set laws on sports gambling. Today, ten states have outright legalized this industry and many more have pending legislation to open this industry.

Pennsylvania technically agreed to legalize sports betting in October of 2017. After PASPA was removed, this state finally had the right to offer sports wagers. It’s proving to be a massively successful industry.

More than $244,000 has already been spent on sports wagers in this state. The government has earned nearly $8 million already. As we just mentioned, this is in less than a month of sports betting becoming legal.

Many casinos in Pennsylvania now offer online sports betting. In just a month of allowing internet sports wagering, this market has brought in nearly $400,000 in revenue. Many analysts believe that this will become one of the East Coast’s top online gaming hubs.

Harrah’s Philadelphia is the Next Casino to Offer Online Sports Betting

There are currently four state-regulated sports betting operators in Pennsylvania. Many wondered when Harrah’s Philadelphia, one of the most popular casino venues in the state, would begin offering online sports wagers, as well. Today, we got the answer.

Officials at Harrah’s announced that they plan to roll out sports betting operations by August. This casino wants to have their online sportsbook ready before the start of the 2019-2020 NFL season. It’s exciting news for football fans here.

“It’s always been about that magical date of getting things up and running before football season, so we expect to launch online sometime in August,” said Chris Albrecht, Senior Vice President of Harrah’s Philadelphia. “Everything’s been going great so far [with the brick and mortar sportsbook], we opened earlier this year and we’re really excited to get into our first football season to really see what the sportsbook can become for us.”

Albrecht also claims that the casino will begin offering a variety of new promotions before the online sportsbook launches. Others have raised concerns that the online sports betting platform may take away from the land-based sportsbook. Albrecht believes it will only help to boost the casino’s overall revenue.

Pennsylvania Casinos Begin Offering Online Casino Services

Harrah’s launching an online sportsbook isn’t the only exciting news for this state. Just last week, three major casinos in Pennsylvania announced that they were launching internet casino operations. The Parx, SugarHouse, and Hollywood Casino all offer online casinos.

These casinos provide a variety of different internet gambling options. Each one offers slots, table games, and poker. Interestingly, some here prefer to play through the websites not directly regulated by the state.

There are a range of online casinos in Pennsylvania that have operated for years. Many of these are hugely popular. Competition in this industry is fierce, and as a result, most of the online casinos operating throughout the US work to offer their members safe payment options and a wide variety of different gambling options.

Make sure to stay tuned for more updates on Harrah’s Philadelphia. If all goes according to plan, this casino will have internet sports betting operations up and running by August.