Harrah’s Atlantic City Sight of ‘Suspicious Death’

Crime has been down in Atlantic City over the past decade. That doesn’t mean it’s completely gone, though. Harrah’s Atlantic City is the sight of a ‘suspicious death.’ Police here are working to determine whether or not foul play was involved. Harrah's Logo

Harrah’s is one of the most popular hotel and casinos in Atlantic City. Today, we’re going to look at what details of this death have been released so far. Later, we’ll talk about the overall improvements in Atlantic City crime rates.

What We Know About the Death at Harrah’s Atlantic City

Very few details of the death have been released. Atlantic City Police responded to a call on Tuesday at 6:48. Officers at the scene found a body inside a Harrah’s hotel room.

The exact circumstances of the death are unknown. “The matter is an ongoing investigation and we are assisting local law enforcement,” said a spokesperson with the casino.

Decrease in Atlantic City Crime Rates

There was a time when Atlantic City was thought of as one of the more dangerous cities in the United State’s East Coast. This trend has changed over the past decade. According to a 2018 report, crime here is just a third of what it was five years ago.

Overall crime here dropped by more than 36% from the third quarter of 2018 to the year prior. “You don’t hear about (crime) as much,” said Leonard Golden, a longtime Atlantic City resident. “And when you do, it seems like there’s a cause, a reason — it’s not random.”

Most analysts credit an increase in surveillance equipment and a larger police force for the decrease in crime. More casinos have opened up in Atlantic City over the past few years. With these casinos comes more economic opportunities for locals in the area.

Things are definitely getting better here. Unfortunately, Harrah’s Atlantic City is the latest scene of an unusual death.

Harrah’s Remains One of Atlantic City’s Most Popular Casinos

There are ten major casinos operating inside Atlantic City right now. Harrah’s is one of the oldest in the city, opening all the way back in 1980. For a time, this hotel and casino struggled to generate revenue. Today, it’s one of Atlantic City’s most popular casinos.

Harrah’s Atlantic City offers a wide range of different gambling options. There are hundreds of slots available. A number of major poker tournaments also take place here on a regular basis.

This popular casino also puts on regular shows. On May 31st, DL Hughley, the original “king of comedy” is performing inside this casino. Tickets for this show are starting at $49.95.

Do you think the ‘suspicious death’ at Harrah’s Atlantic City will affect this hotel and casino? Will crime in this city continue to decrease? Only time will tell.