Hard Rock Wants to Rid Trump Influence from Taj Mahal

Jim Allen

Hard Rock International plans on investing more funds into the former Trump Taj Mahal property to remove any sign of the Trump name or influence.

The Trump name is certainly not popular these days. While Americans voted Donald Trump into the position of President of the United States, his approval rating continues to drop as he rants on Twitter and continues to make comments about the media, not to mention potential involvement within his campaign via Russia. All in all, the Trump name is not popular right now and the Hard Rock International group wants to be sure they scrub the name from their new property, the former Trump Taj Mahal.

Hard Rock International, a company operated by the Seminole Tribe of Florida, stepped in and purchased the former Trump Taj Mahal property from Carl Icahn. While Trump has not been involved with the property for some time, his name is still associated. If Hard Rock does anything, they want to remove the influence of the man from the casino.

Hard Rock Casino of Atlantic City

The company already plans on renaming the venue and will spend even more than they planned to revitalize the venue, removing any signs of the Trump name or influence in the process. The casino was bought for a mere $50 million which came to around 4 cents on the dollar when considering the $1.2 billion price tag the venue had upon opening in 1990 by Trump.

Jim AllenJim Allen is the chairman of Hard Rock International and actually worked for Donald Trump in Atlantic City at one time. Allen now has plans to revitalized the property and ensure the Trump name is not associated in any way. Allen has revealed more details as to what will happen with the property this week and announced the company plans on investing more than the original $350 million. The Hard Rock has upped their investment to a total of $500 million to ensure the property is a success.

Allen has been working with the casino workers union and has promised to sign a contract soon in order to see employees back on site. Icahn had took away the health care and pension benefits of employees of the venue when it was the Trump Taj Mahal and union workers fought back, going on strike for several months before Ichan decided to shut down the venue.

On top of offering casino gaming in Atlantic City, the venue also has plans to go online. New Jersey is one of just three states that offers online gaming in the United States.


Now, Allen’s concern is removing the Trump influence from the property. Allen said all the purple coloring and minarets will be removed. Once the venue opens next summer, gone will be the Trump design and in its place, the Hard Rock logo and most famous rock n roll memorabilia.  Trump flourishes will be gone and a new, quality design in place.

Allen feels that the changes to the property will bring in new customers to Atlantic City along with residents. Instead of pulling away from competitors, new consumers will come to the area to enjoy what the Hard Rock has to offer. The Hard Rock brand has been known to draw interest from consumers in many ways, not just gambling. The brand is appealing for many reasons, including music and dining.

Overall, it will be interesting to see the final product once the Hard Rock Atlantic City is complete. Visitors are sure to enjoy having yet another gaming venue to visit when taking a trip to Atlantic City.