Hard Rock International Reveals PlayersEdge to the Public

This is, without a doubt, one of the busiest years in Hard Rock International’s history since being taken over by the Seminole Tribe. The company has expanded around the country and is now looking to break into Asia. This week, Hard Rock International revealed PlayersEdge, a groundbreaking new program aimed at better educating gamblers.Hard Rock International Logo

It’s a huge development for this major US casino company. Now is the perfect time to look at what exactly it will offer to gamblers.

Let’s get into it!

Hard Rock Continues to Expand in Busy 2019

As we’ve already mentioned, it’s been an extremely busy year for Hard Rock in 2019. This company operates a huge number of world-class casinos around the country. This year, Hard Rock International opened its brand new casino-resort in Hollywood, Florida.

This massive guitar-shaped venue is one of the biggest ever built in the US. It cost an astounding $1.5 billion to construct. More than 600 rooms are available for guests, including a variety of world-class suites.

The casino floor at the new Hard Rock Hollywood hotel is also incredible. It features more than 3,000 slot machines and a huge entertainment area for guests. All of the most popular table games are also available here including blackjack, poker, and baccarat.

Recently, Hard Rock International’s CEO announced he was interested in breaking into the Las Vegas market. For years, a Hard Rock Hotel & Casino operated in Vegas yet it had no affiliation with Hard Rock International. This venue is now closed, and company officials believe it’s the perfect time to bring something special to the city.

There’s no rest for the weary. This week, Hard Rock International revealed PlayersEdge, an astounding new gambling education program.

Hard Rock International Officially Reveals PlayersEdge

There have been rumors circulating about a new program that Hard Rock was working on. Exactly what this program would offer was entirely unknown. This week, the company finally unveiled PlayersEdge and explained exactly what it aims to accomplish.

PlayersEdge is a groundbreaking new program that’s truly the first of its kind. It starts out by offering tips on game facts and casino etiquette. It also helps players understand their own behavior. This isn’t your typical “responsible gambling” program that many companies offer, though.

Hard Rock International realizes that most gamblers simply brush these programs to the side. Hope is that PlayersEdge offers something that’s actually valuable.

Paul Pellizzari, Vice President of Global Social Responsibility for Hard Rock International, commented on the unveiling of this new product to the media this week.

“We built PlayersEdge by listening to gamblers. We want to communicate the right information by appealing to how they actually think and behave in casinos,” he said. “By understanding the risk profiles and experience levels of different player types, we can segment and target information more precisely, bringing a new focus on preventing problems before they start.”

Those with gambling issues can even use the program to help self-exclude themselves from gambling platforms and find addiction help centers. It will be offered through a mix of media, including print, digital, web, social and live activations.

Japan Remains a Focus Point for Hard Rock

Hard Rock International has opened a huge number of gambling venues around the US recently. Now, company officials are beginning to take a closer look at expansion into Asia. Japan, in particular, is an extremely exciting market that this company is hoping to break into over the next few years.

Japan legalized casinos in 2018. Unfortunately, it’s taking the government years to agree on the regulation of this industry. Officials here still need to reveal which cities in the country will be permitted to host a gambling venue.

Heads of Hard Rock International have revealed that they are interested in opening a gambling venue in Japan. Many analysts claim the country will grow to have one of the biggest casino markets in the world.

Obtaining a casino license won’t be easy here. Many of the world’s biggest and best casino companies have expressed interest in operating here. It remains to be seen which companies will start running here.

Hard Rock International has finally revealed PlayersEdge to the public. Now, it can begin to truly focus on overseas expansion.

Stay tuned for more US casino news over the next few months!