Hard Rock Hotel In Tulsa Hosts Hank Williams Jr.

Country music history is filled with amazing artists who have done a great job to contribute to this exceptional genre that is popular not only in the US but also in the world. One of the best-selling artists of the country music ever is Hank Williams Jr., and the visitors of Hard Rock Hotel & Casino – Tulsa will have an opportunity to listen to this legendary artist perform on June 21.

If you are interested in going to this show, you will be able to obtain tickets starting March 28. The starting price will be $79.50.

Randall Hank Williams, who is known in the music industry as Hank Williams Jr., was born on May 26, 1949. His music is often described as a blend of traditional country, blues, and even Southern rock. What’s interesting about this artist is that his father was also a very popular country music musician who was also called Hank Williams. Moreover, Hank Williams Jr. is the father of Hank Williams III and Holly Williams, both of whom are actively playing music.

Hank Williams Jr. had a very interesting life and career that began with him following his father and covering his songs. It was obvious that his father was a person he wanted to follow, but he managed to find his unique expression which resulted in some memorable songs by this artist. Nowadays, people have an exact idea of what Williams Jr.’s songs and voice sound like due to his unique style, music, and performance.

That was not an easy task for him. In fact, Williams Jr. struggled for some time in order to find his place under the sun and become as big of a star as his father was. It often happens that people’s perspective of the world changes when they face a near-death experience, which is something that happened to young “Bocephus,” who fell off the side of Ajax Peak in Montana back in 1975. This experience was nearly fatal for him, and since then his music was different—in a good way.

As a matter of fact, Willimas Jr. challenged the traditional notion of country music by introducing various other genres to it. As he was recovering from the fall, he was influenced by other musicians, mainly from rock and blues, which are the two genres most present in his music after country.

The 80s were his years, as he managed to achieve the biggest success during that period, and he has remained one of the most popular country musicians in the US. He was received both within and outside the country music lovers and was also respected by his colleagues for being an multi-instrumentalist. Apart from guitar and singing, Williams Jr. Also plays steel guitar, banjo, dobro, keyboards, sax, fiddle, harmonica, drums, and upright bass.

His career is filled with popular songs that music enthusiasts have been able to enjoy for more than forty years. His song “All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over Tonight” was even the opening tune for Monday Night Football from 1989 to 2017.

After the album “Family Tradition,” Williams Jr. published “Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound,” which is an album that sold in more than a million copies worldwide. It was an event that rose him from being a popular country singer into being a country-rock superstar with millions of fans. Many hits followed this release, including “Texas Women,” “A Country Boy Can Survive,” Born to Boogie,” “All My Rowdy Friends (Have and Settled Down).”