Greektown Casino-Hotel is Opening its Door to First Responders in Detroit Area

img-responsive Greektown Hotel-Casino in Detroit

The numbers of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the USA are continuing to rise. Despite this news, there are still people in the casino industry that are trying to shed a little bit of light during these times. 

The Greektown Casino-Hotel in Detroit, Michigan, is offering free rooms to first responders. They are offering this for those who have fears of taking the virus to their homes and putting their families’ health at risk.

Reports show that there are 40 rooms available for emergency workers, medical workers, and Detroit police officers and firefighters. Of course, this comes with risks and complications, the hotel is taking every precaution possible to keep everyone safe.

Everyone that goes into the hotel undergoes a medical examination, getting their temperatures taken and answering questions. As of right now, the casino is closed due to the order to close all non-essential businesses.

Words from the Greektown Casino-Hotel

The Casinos community relations and public affairs VP had this to say:

“There are so many first responders who are out there working and coming in contact with a lot of people. We’re providing them a safe place to go instead of going home and potentially exposing their families.”

COVID-19 in Michigan

Michigan has unfortunately seen a surge of cases, and now has the 3rd most cases in the United States. Mainly in the Detroit area, which is where most of the first responders are sent to for help. 

That’s why this is such a very generous offer from Greektown Casino-Hotel, as they are opening up their business and potentially bring the virus into their building. This will, of course, give them a hit as they will have to continually clean everything. 

I find it inspiring and selfless and hope other people in the casino industry will follow suit.

Where Michigan Stands 

So far, around 39 members of law enforcement in the Detroit area have been confirmed to have the virus. The President of Detroit Police Officers Association said this:

“We discussed this with the mayor on Friday because one of our concerns is officers who are scared to go home. It’s nice that they’re giving those officers a place to stay during this crisis. Right now, we have to keep our citizens calm and we also have to keep our officers calm.”

The Detroit first responders are obviously very appreciative of this gesture. As I said before, I hope more people in the casino industry will follow suit for our first responders, putting themselves at risk for us.