Great Deals in Las Vegas Following Their Reopening Last Week

View of Las Vegas MGM Grand and Luxor

Who’s ready to head to Vegas?

Casinos opened for the first time since mid-March just over a week ago. They will be operating at fifty percent occupancy until further notice. Both visitors and employees will have to follow specific safety protocols to ensure coronavirus doesn’t spread throughout the facility. Despite the policy change, thousands of people rushed to the casinos as soon as they opened.

Don’t ever think you can stop gamblers, it just won’t happen!

Deals on Deals

Anyone who has visited Las Vegas in the past week has probably noticed the incredible deals at every corner. When it comes to booking a room at one of the city’s many fabulous hotels, expect to find record low rates.

The Wynn is offering rooms for as low as $150 per night, while the Bellagio has rooms for as low as $125 per night. Other hotels are offering incentives to get you to book your stay like a $100 dining credit or waved parking fees.

The CEO of LW Hospitality Advisors said,

“In Vegas, they need you to pay for the room less to still come in and spend money. They can afford to break even or even lose a little on the room in the hopes that you sit down at the table and drop some money or go to bars or a show.”

That’s how the casinos can get away with putting such a low price tag on their rooms.

Will they lose money in their rooms? Probably! Will they make up for it at the slots and other casino games? That’s certainly the hope.

Casinos are still worried that they may not be doing enough to keep a steady flow of people in and out of the casino though. With unemployment rates higher than they have been in years, people don’t necessarily have the extra money in the budget for a trip to Vegas. We expect to see Vegas casinos continue to use incentives and deals to draw people in. 

Wrap Up

Financially speaking, there’s no better time than the present to visit Las Vegas. Hotel rates are at a record low and they are giving away so many perks to make planning a trip more appealing. Not to mention, since casinos can only operate at a fifty percent occupancy, it will present a unique opportunity to visit the casinos minus the crowds.

If you find yourself with extra money and an urge to travel, Las Vegas could be an excellent choice!

Did you find a great deal in Vegas recently? Leave a comment below and let me know about it!