GOP Reverses Stance on Online Gambling in US


GOP USAThe Republican Party may have decided to loosen their stance on online gambling, going so far as to drop the idea of banning online gambling on a federal level. 

The presidential campaign is always filled with a variety of topics as voters in the United States are concerned over a number of matters. For gamblers, a subject of concern is online gambling. Only three states currently offer online gambling options and legislators all have their stance on whether gambling should be legalized on a state level, federal level or not at all. For the GOP, their stance has been that online gambling should not take place, with legislators even trying to ban the activity from taking place across the United States. However, during the recent Republican National Convention, is seems the GOP’s stance on online gambling may have changed.

Many members of the Republican Party have taken a stance against online gambling since the Department of Justice decided to change the 1961 Wire Act back in 2011. The change would allow for interstate transmissions and wire communications to apply to wagers on sporting contests and events rather than online gambling.

A Change of Heart

Recently, Donald Trump was named the nominee for the GOP and on the last night of the Republican National Convention, it seemed that dialog took place that showed the party had changed their stance somewhat on the subject of online gambling within the United States. Gambling Compliance is reporting that members of the Republican National Committee will no longer be asked to be in opposition of online gaming.

During Trump’s speech, he called for the reestablishment of principles of America. The 10th Amendment of the constitution says that anything not explicitly reserved to the federal government in the constitution is then to be decided by the states, individually. This seems to signify that the GOP are going to stop trying to push a federal ban and leave the activity up to the individual states.

During his speech, Trump stated that when he takes the oath of office in 2017, he will restore law and order to the US, looking to appoint justices to the Supreme Court who will uphold the law and the constitution.

Of course, no opinion has been set in stone so it is not for sure that the Republican party will fully give up their fight against online casino and poker gaming. Gamblers can only hope that the party will leave it up to the states to decide whether or not to offer the activity without trying to enforce an overall federal ban yet again.

What Will the Democrats Say?

Today marks the beginning of the Democratic National Convention which is set to take place in Philadelphia. It is believed that Hilary Clinton will then have her time in the spotlight to try and petition voters. It is unknown as to what stance Clinton will take on the subject of online gambling. She did vote for the UIGEA measure years ago when she held the position as a US senator but has yet to truly state her views on online gambling.

Trump does have a colorful past in the casino industry but has also not stated his views clearly on the matter. Trump is also involved with Sheldon Adelson, the CEO of the Sands Corporation who has been vehemently opposed to online gambling in the US. Adelson has put a ton of cash on the line to try and stop online gambling from taking place, even backing the RAWA legislation which would have stopped gaming from taking place online, even shutting down New Jersey, Delaware and Nevada who already offer such gaming options.

Adelson has donated $100 million to the efforts of Trump’s presidential campaign and it is believed that Adelson will be pushing to see something done in regards to online gambling.

However, as of right now there are bigger concerns for America that the nominees will be dealing with first before even considering the online gambling industry.