Golden Nuggets Partners with Ezugi for New Online Game


EzugiThe Golden Nugget works with Ezugi to provide a new online live dealer casino game to players in New Jersey.

The Golden Nugget is the top performing online casino in the state of New Jersey. Online casino gamers have several options to choose from when it comes to enjoying slots and table games, yet more and more players tend to use the site operated by the Golden Nugget. The brand has been able to take hold of a large share of the market and show no sign of slowing down. Just recently, the Golden Nugget announced the launch of a new live dealer game, with the help of Ezugi NJ, a live dealer game specialist.

Introducing Live Dealer Casino Hold’em

For the first time in the United States, players will have access to an online live dealer casino hold’em game. Golden Nugget has launched the Online Live Dealer Casino Hold’em table game, with a minimum of $1 ante bet, making the game affordable for everyone. The Golden Nugget NJ will offer the new hold’em game along side other games such as Dragon Bonus Baccarat, Blackjack and American Roulette, the online casino’s table games. Players can enjoy the live dealer games via smartphone or computer.

Currently, the Golden Nugget NJ is offering seven live dealer tables for online gaming options and has plans to add more. The live hold’em table is the latest addition and a first for the US. With Online Live Dealer games, players are able to feel immersed in their gaming experience. The games take place in a live setting and players make their decisions online in real time with the game.

The game is broadcast by Ezugi NJ in real-time which allows the real money bets to be placed as gaming takes place. Players can interact with dealers at the casino plus the players at the table. This makes the online gamer feel as if they are more involved in the game.

Ezugi New Jersey CEO, Kfir Kugler, commented on the new game by stating that the company has once again partnered with the Golden Nugget casino of new jersey to bring the Hold’em game to America and New Jersey for the very first time. Kugler pointed out that America is in love with poker and by using live dealer gaming, the new game can maintain a strong connection between the dealer and player.

Why is Live Dealer So Popular?

If you look at the most popular online casino games available today, live dealer is one option that players take advantage of. With live dealer gaming, players can enjoy the table games they love in a live setting while on the go, at home or even at work. Players are able to log on from anywhere and play a table game as it happens in real time. This type of gaming creates a type of excitement that cannot be found in standard online table game play.

Live dealer gaming provides players with interaction. When it comes to table games, it is the interaction that makes the game even more exciting. Players can talk to others, those who are actually at the table, as well as the dealer. This makes the online player feel like they are more involved in the gaming action. Players want to feel the rush in gaming as they would if they were actually at the casino. This is what live dealer gaming offers.

Because of its popularity, more online casinos are adding live dealer options. The Golden Nugget now has the most on offer, including unique games. This will help to see the Golden Nugget maintain their first place standing in the state when it comes to being a top operating casino online.