Golden Nugget Successful with Live Dealer Games

Golden Nugget

Golden NuggetAfter just a few weeks in service, the live dealer games provided by the Golden Nugget online casino have been quite popular among online gamers.

The Golden Nugget decided to launch a new online gaming option just a few weeks ago and that decision has been a good one. Adding live dealer games on the 11th of August has proved to be a popular gaming choice among New Jersey residents. Players have enjoyed the new list of gaming options, having access to blackjack, roulette and baccarat gaming.

The Golden Nugget started off with the three games and does have plans to add more games in the future in the live dealer category. Games run from 5pm to 1am local time each day with filming of the live games taking place on site.

Understanding Live Dealer Games

Because this is the first time that live dealer games have been offered within the state, many gamers have no idea what the option actually is. In the UK and beyond, live dealer gaming is readily available and one of the more popular gaming options found at top online casinos. With live dealer games, the basis is that players are taking part in a game as it happens.

A studio is set up with table games and dealers. With the Golden Nugget, there is a studio area where blackjack, baccarat and roulette are played. The dedicated studio then streams the footage online as players who are located in their homes or on the go take part. A real dealer is in place, an individual who has been chosen and trained by the Golden Nugget. The dealer will shuffle cards and make moves in real time. Players who are online play along.

During the live table games, players can interact with each other as well as the dealer with the chat feature. This is the big difference between standard gaming and real time gaming. There is an interaction as well as anticipation as the action takes place in real time rather than with graphics or animations. This is why the gaming option is so popular. Instead of waiting on a random number generator to announce results of a game, players watch the action in real time, interacting with fellow players.

What Have Customers Experienced?

The pace of live dealer gaming is slower than standard online casino game play. There si a focus on interactions and this type of game will appeal to a different type of individual. The online casino player base can expand as players of all walks of life give the new gaming option a try. Thomas Winter is the Vice President of Online Gaming for the Golden Nugget, who stated that a share of the players who are taking part in live dealer gaming are new to the online table games. This shows the appeal of the product for players.

Winter spoke with Online Poker Report, stating that the live dealer games bring an interactivity as well as a social experience that the traditional type of online casino games is unable to provide. Players are able to interact with each other and the dealers as well as enjoy a level of excitement not found with a basic online casino game.

From the standpoint of the operator, Winter states that the Golden Nugget expects the gaming option to be profitable and help the brand acquire new clients in a competitive marketplace.

Early Success

The live dealer games have already been successful for the Golden Nugget. The brand actually expanded the live dealer blackjack tables on offer plus have started to offer new stakes after being requested to do so by players.

Players requested blackjack tables with a $5 minimum bet plus occupancy was increasing at a rapid pace so more tables were needed to accommodate the influx of players.