Golden Nugget Live Dealer Games Thrive

Golden Nugget Live Dealer

Golden Nugget Live DealerThe Golden Nugget continues to be a top operator when it comes to online gaming, with particular interest being shown to their live dealer games.

In the state of New Jersey, online gambling continues to thrive. The overall iGaming industry brings in at least $20 million each month, with the Golden Nugget being the top earner. Hitting the $7m+ range, the Golden Nugget is number one for the state and continues to hold the top position with no one coming close to their earnings. The Golden Nugget, along with their partner Betfair Casino, are the only two that offer live dealer gaming in the state, an online gaming option that players really enjoy.

Live Dealer Success

Live dealer games were first launched by the Golden Nugget in August 2016. Players quickly took to the live format games, with the games only continuing to gain in popularity. Since its launch, live dealer games have been expanded, to offer players even more. One new addition to the live dealer section of the brand is Live Casino Floor Roulette. This game allows players to wager on roulette games as they take place on the casino floor of the Golden Nugget.

In most live dealer game settings, players are placing wagers on live games, but the games are played out in a studio setting. With this option, players are betting on the action as it takes place on the gaming floor, just as they would if they were at the physical casino.

With this game, an overhead camera is located above the game and footage of game play is streamed to those playing online. The camera will zoom in on the roulette wheel when spinning occurs and the footage is quite impressive. Online players are able to watch real players as they place their bets and win, which only adds to the excitement.

This example of live dealer roulette is as real as it gets. The game is yet another reason why the Golden Nugget continues to deliver the best content to their online gamers and continues to be number one. Players flock to this live dealer game as it is both immersive and enjoyable, providing instant excitement with every spin.

Online Incentive

While playing the roulette game at the casino is fun, there are certainly incentives to online game play. With Live Casino Floor Roulette, players can play for just a $1 per spin. This amount is cheaper than what is played on the gaming floor. When a win is earned, players will automatically be paid out. With a simple click of the mouse, the same bet can be made again or double the wager, whatever you like!

Wagering is much simpler online, and players can easily take a break to go to the restroom or fix a drink. While playing at the casino can be fun, the convenience of online land play is not to be missed.

Players will find the live roulette gaming options is offered Monday to Wednesday from 2 pm until 3 am. On Thursday to Sunday, the games are offered a littler earlier from 12 pm until 3 am. Players can choose to use their desktop to play the game online or use a mobile device. Both iOS and Android devices are compatible with the Golden Nugget live dealer games.

Take note that game play is slow so if you like fast paced online gaming, you might want to stick with the traditional roulette option. It is also important to consider that the game being played is American roulette. This means a higher house edge exists of 5.26%.