Glitch Causes Slot Player to Lose Out on Millions

Katrina Bookman

Casino player denied multi-million dollar jackpot after casino officials say win was due to glitch.

Several states across the US offer casino gaming. Players travel to local casinos or on long trips across country to be able to enjoy their favorite casino games. This can include blackjack, roulette, slots and more. Players enjoy their casino games as well as having a few drinks, dinner, shopping and more, all that can be found at the casino.

As individuals visit their favorite casino, they expect to be able to be paid if they earn a win. However, sometimes problems arise and players do not earn jackpots as they feel they should be earned. Slot games have been known to glitch or mess up which can lead to a mistake in jackpot prizes. The most recent case of a player having an issue with a jackpot comes from the Resorts World Casino New York.

No Jackpot For You!

Katrina Bookman was visiting the Resorts World Casino New York, owned by Genting’s, when she won a huge jackpot of $42.9 million. Bookman could not believe her luck and was amazed at the jackpot win. However, her few seconds of happiness was soon took away as the casino said the win was due to a glitch and would not be awarded.

The staff of the casino removed Bookman from the gaming floor and was told to come back the next day to meet with officials. When she returned to the venue, Bookman was told that the slot machine had a glitch and they were not going to pay her anything. She was offered a steak dinner for the mistake.

Katrina BookmanThe game in question is Sphinx Wild and was obviously messed up, since the game has a maximum payout of $6,500 instead of the $42m+ jackpot that was said to be won by Bookman. The prize was actually on the screen and a fellow player took a picture on their mobile device to prove that the amount was actually shown on the game screen.

The machine does say that the maximum payout for this game is $6,500 but the casino did choose to pay this amount. The game has wording on the machine which reads: “malfunction voids all pays and plays”. Bookman is not happy about the changes and stated that if the casino is not willing to pay up the millions of dollars in prize money, the least they could do is provide the max jackpot of $6,500.

The casino is not going to change their mind and are being supported by the New York State Gaming Commission. Bookman may plan on file a lawsuit against the casino to try and see compensation. If she does, it will not be the first time that a lawsuit was filed due to a win not being awarded. Several players have enjoyed slot games and saw a big win appear only to have the win stripped away due to what casinos call technical glitches.

Glitch Happens

Because slot machines are now created with digital content, players have found that glitches are more common. Games may have issues with operation as well as show wins that have not actually taken place. Casinos have to be more vigilant with keeping track of issues within the games as well as making repairs as needed. Games that have issued have to be removed from the gaming floor to avoid such situations as the one that took place within the Resorts World Casino New York.

It will be interesting to see if Bookman will be file a suit against the casino and try to be awarded compensation or if she will let the ‘win’ go.