GAN to Work with Chickasaw Nation for Online Social Casino

The Chicksaw Nation

GANThe Chickasaw Nation will now be working with GAN to offer a social casino experience online via the Simulated Gaming platform created for United States land based gaming venues.

It seems the first logical step for land based gaming operators in the United States who want to provide online gambling is to set up a social casino. Across the United States, there are land based venues that offer online gaming options but in a social or free to play setting. This allows the brand to secure an audience in anticipation of online gambling legislation to be created within their given state. The most recently group to come forward in regards to starting an online social gaming site is the Chickasaw Nation, the operator of WinStar World Casino and Resort.

A Little Background

The Chicksaw NationThe Chickasaw Nation will be partnering with GAN on the social casino gaming experience by using the Simulated Gaming platform. GAN created this proprietary software specifically for land based casino operators based in the United States.

The Chickasaw Nation currently owns as well as operates 20 regional casinos in the state of Oklahoma. The group is actually the largest client in the United States for the GAN Company. The Nation owns the WinStar World Casino and Resort which serves both the state of Oklahoma as well as Texas. GAN had actually announced the partnership with the Chickasaw Nation back in April but did not disclose the identity of the tribal group. After preliminary licensing was provided by the Office of the Gaming Commissioner for the Chickasaw Nation, the full partnership can now be made known.

Working Together for Quality Online Gaming

GAN CEO, Dermot Smurfit, stated on the new partnership that later on this year the group will be truly privileged to bring the Native American tribal nation online in the United States operating one of the largest Native American gaming enterprises. The casino properties of the Chickasaw Nation serve the Dallas and North Texas metro areas and are ranked among the top 10 highest-revenues cities worldwide according to Facebook in regards to social casino gaming. GAN plans on combining traditional casino marketing with a digital marketing plan, with multi-millions of dollars spent to secure the market share online in the region for the Chickasaw Nation.

Chickasaw Nation Secretary of Commerce, Bill Lance, stated that GAN is a specialist B2B Internet gaming solution provider. The tribal group is interested in this partnership because GAN Does not operate their own B2C social casino like other manufacturers of casino equipment who operate social casinos online. The Simulated Gaming model has integrated well with the on-property rewards program and will help the group to explore the social casino market that is quickly growing in the United States. The model by GAN will allow the tribe to introduce their gaming brands and opportunities to individuals across the nation.

The Chickasaw Nation has 20 casino properties which now hold almost 20,000 of the electronic gaming machines created by GAN. Over one million patrons are served each year by the gaming provider and the Simulated Gaming experience is sure to be a success as it is introduced later on this year. The platform created by GAN will allow the casinos to create new experiences online including using the skill-based casual mobile gaming capabilities and virtual reality options.

The Simulated Gaming product provided by GAN for the Chickasaw Nation will deliver highly relevant gaming-as-entertainment options that is reflective to a traditional casino gaming experience. The product was designed to help elevate brand awareness for the Chickasaw Nation’s properties as well as increase the number of individuals who visit. GAN is currently preparing to install the online gaming platform on-site.