GAN Possibly Working with Gambling Company in US

GANReports have surfaced that GAN is working with a gambling company in the United States to start work on an online casino that will service customers outside of the US.

Formerly known as the GameAccount Network, GAN is reportedly working with a gambling company in the United States to create an online casino. GAN is located in the United Kingdom and hinted around that they are working with a major gambling company based in the United States and are working together to develop a casino for online game play oversees. CEO of GAN, Dermot Smurfit stated that he hopes to make the official announcement of the partnership before 2016 comes to an end.

Why Work In the United States?

So far, it is unknown as to what company that GAN is going to be working with to create the casino. Why work with a company in the United States? It may be that GAN wants to work with a US company to be able to get a foot in the door to be able to work in a state when legislation is passed. Only Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware offer online gambling in the United States as of now with California and Pennsylvania among the other states looking to pass legislation. Is GAN working with one of these states or perhaps a company in another state that has yet to even consider even offering online gambling options?

Technically, a casino can work with a company located oversees to offer online gaming where the activity is legal. Yet major operators have not taken any action to do so. It will definitely be interesting to see if GAN is working with a company that is established in the gaming industry, offering online gaming already in the legalized states or if the company is located in an area that is not offering such gaming.

Staying Within the Law

It is best for casino operators to stay within the law when operating in the United States. Major operators have yet to partner with international companies in regards to online gambling most likely due to not wanting to break any laws. The US is infamous for going after gambling companies with instances such as Black Friday when online poker rooms were shut down or Bad Actor clause considerations in regards to such companies who operated back then being involved in gaming now.

Operators want to make sure they do nothing wrong so they can stay in business with their land based venue. It is best to err on the side of caution to ensure no charges are brought on based on activity online or within land based venues.

Secret Partnership

Reportedly, GAN would be providing the gaming software for the online casino as well as technology aspects. The casino company would be create the website based on their branding. GAN is a supplier of B2B turnkey gaming systems and is a company that also provides interactive casino gaming software. According to Smurfit, the move is a strategic one for the company as the market has not seen a major US land casino enter the online industry of Europe.

GAN already operates in the United States, offering online gaming options for the Borgata Casino’s online operations. Simulated gaming products of GAN are used in land based venues across the US including Parx, Foxwoods and Maryland Live. There is already a big list that everyone is considering as to who the mystery gaming company is that will be working with GAN.

No specifics have been provided as of yet. Everyone in the gaming industry will be watching to see as GAN is set to make the announcement of the new partnership before the year comes to a close.