GAN Continues to Add New Customers

Twin River Casino

GAN is now working with a casino operator in Rhode Island, claiming their ninth simulated customer.

Simulated gaming is the hottest trend found at casinos today. With simulated gaming, players are taken on a journey online while they still enjoy the option of wagering on such games as blackjack, roulette, baccarat and more found at their favorite land based casinos. GAN is a provider of simulated gaming, a company that continues to be a top provider for casinos based in the United States. GAN recently announced they have now signed their ninth simulated customer after making a deal with the Twin River Management Group, an operator of a casino located in Rhode Island.

New Partner New Installation

Twin River CasinoThe new partnership includes the Twin River Casino which is located in Lincoln, Rhode Island. The gaming venue currently offers 4,200 slot machines as well as just over 100 table games, all offered in more than 162,000 square feet of space. The property also includes an event venue plus bars and restaurants.

With this partnership including GAN, it is the ninth Simulated Gaming client that company has acquired. The process of the partnership included a technical deployment of the gaming devices to stay within the compliance requirements of the Client and the lottery regulator of Rhode Island.

Consumers have been able to receive a rebate for certain purchases made online which can be redeemed on-site at the casino in Rhode Island. The iBridge Framework product, which is patented in the US by GAN, is linked to the GameSTACK online gaming system to the existing casino management system on site at Twin River. This allows the casino to customize what they are going to offer their members as well as connect to data onsite.

The Simulated Gaming product actually operates via the GameSTACK online gaming system which was first deployed in Las Vegas. The product is also integrated within the loyalty program of Twin River. Twin River Management Chief Marketing Officer and SVP, Phil Juliano, commented on the new partnership by stating that GAN has worked closely with the marketing team of the facility as well as the regulators to be able to create a pragmatic balance between social casino gaming and regulation of player protection features. Doing this helps to ensure the Simulated Gaming website and mobile applications that are launched will be competitive within the marketplace. The digital space allows players to enjoy another space to play.

Also commenting on the partnership is Dermot Smurfit, the GAN CEO, stated that Twin River brings GAN’s Simulated Gaming experience back online in the regional gaming market of New England which is quite lucrative. Guests of Twin River have received the online experience in a warm way and this will only help to strengthen the guest relationships on-property according to Smurfit.

What is Simulated Gaming?

Those who have never heard of Simulated Gaming by GAN will find the option is a social casino gaming experience that is designed custom for operators who work with the company. The solution operates on the proprietary turnkey platform of GAN and can be deployed via desktop and mobile devices. The option is launched via real money gaming technology and can help to provide even more gaming opportunities for players, something that Twin River guests are sure to take advantage of.

Social gaming has become quite an important aspect for casinos of the online variety. By having a social casino online, land based venues are able to prepare for online casino gaming if their state were to pass legislation. Many casinos are becoming involved in social gaming to gain experience with online gaming activities.