Gaming Officials Discuss Safety Measures in LV Casinos

Some of the biggest and best casino-resorts in Las Vegas are scheduled to open their doors in just a few days. It’s exciting news for residents across the city, many of whom are finally seeing their jobs return. This week, several major gaming officials discussed some of the safety measures in LV casinos to protect guests and staff.Slot Machines Inside Casino

It’s clear that casino companies in this city want to make things as safe as possible. Today, we’re going to look at some of the safety measures set in place here. We’ll also discuss how much tourism city officials expect over the next few weeks.

Let’s get into it!

Casinos in Las Vegas Are Opening Up On Thursday

We’ve been covering the situation in Las Vegas for months. As you probably already know, the casinos in this city were forced to close down back in March. At that time, no one really knew how long these gambling venues would be closed.

Casino companies instantly worked on coming up with safety plans to reopen. These were eventually approved by the Nevada State Gaming Board back in early May. State leaders finally agreed that casinos can reopen to the public on June 4th.

That’s now just a few days away. Several major casino-resorts are now scheduled to open this week. That includes The Bellagio Casino-Resort. More of the biggest casinos will continue to reopen over the next few weeks.

Obviously, this is a huge moment for many residents in this city. Closing down all of the casinos in Las Vegas cost hundreds of thousands of individuals their jobs. Finally, these residents are being able to work again.

Some are still expressing concern that things won’t be safe enough for guests. Casino companies dispute that fact, claiming that the safety measures in LV casinos are better than more other venues in the city. This week, some of these measures were revealed to the public.

Officials Describe Some of the Safety Measures in LV Casinos

Governor Steve Sisolak has been extremely hesitant to allow casinos to reopen. Doing so, he felt, would pose too serious of a risk to city residents and tourists. He’s changed his tune in recent weeks and seems content with the safety measures set in place.

We’re now beginning to hear about these safety measures.

Guests that visit The Bellagio will probably notice the hand sanitizers directly in front of the hotel’s entrance. In fact, these sanitizing stations can be found throughout the entire hotel-casino. This is now a requirement by the Nevada Gaming Control Board.

John Flynn, MGM Vice President of Administration and Head of Health and Safety Strategy, spoke about the emphasis on proper hand washing to the media this week.

“You’ve got the touchless soap, you’ve got the touchless paper towel dispensers. On some of these you’ll have the mask dispensers, you’ll have glove dispensers,” Flynn said. “We wanted to bring hand-washing, first and foremost, to the front of everyone’s minds.”

There will also be significantly less contact between casino guests and staff. In some restaurants, for example, guests are likely to get virtual waitlists and will be encouraged to seat themselves.

Thermal cameras will be installed in many of the casinos in Las Vegas. Hope is that this helps the casinos locate those with fevers. The main goal is to avoid any infection spreads. Many are now debating how many people will decide to visit this city over the next few weeks.

Concerns Over Tourism Continue in Las Vegas

For many, the reopening of these Las Vegas casinos is hugely important. Many simply need these venues to reopen in order to make money. Some, however, are voicing their concerns that not enough visitors will flock to these casinos to keep them profitable.

Prior to the global pandemic, Las Vegas was seeing more than 40 million visitors every single year. Despite the casinos here opening back up, this number is likely to be significantly lower. Even with the safety measures in LV set in place, people have concerns about being exposed to the new coronavirus.

It’s a very difficult situation. City leaders and casino officials are doing everything they can to get the city back to normal. Perhaps that will never really happen.

Most of the casinos on the Las Vegas Strip are now accepting reservations for June. As many have already noticed, there are some fantastic deals now available. Room rates are significantly lower than they were a few months ago.

Only time will tell how many tourists decide to visit Las Vegas over the next few months. Casino owners will be looking at new and exciting ways to attract visitors.

Are you content with the safety measures in LV casinos? Do you expect tourism rates to surge here once the casinos reopen? Let us know in the comments section below.