Gaming Board Gives First Approval for a Danville Casino

Golden Nugget Danville Casino Gambling Background

The casino industry in Illinois continues to expand. Six new casinos are planned to open here in the future, including one in the city of Danville. New reports have just surfaced claiming that the Illinois Gaming Board has given further approval for this Danville casino.

This does not mean that construction can begin on this property. Several steps are still required for this property to eventually open its doors in this city.

Here’s what you need to know!

Regulators Give Initial Approval for the Danville Casino Plans

Illinois is known for being home to one of the most successful casino industries in the Midwestern United States. Both tribal and commercial casinos are legally able to operate here. A state Capital Plan was approved by Governor Pritzker in 2019 that will allow for six new casinos to open in the country.

The process of getting these casinos constructed has taken much longer than many expected. Much of the focus has been getting a major casino-resort opened in Chicago. Several delays have gotten in the way, including narrowing down the best location for this new property.

Several groups have been pushing to open a new casino in Danville over the last couple of years. City officials have supported these plans, claiming it will result in a major surge in tourism and revenue. Some anti-gambling groups have pushed against these plans, arguing it will have a negative long-term impact on the city.

This week, the Illinois Gaming Board gave preliminary approval for the construction of this property. This is a major step forward for Golden Nugget, which plans to open a 41,500 square foot casino with more than 500 slots. Two restaurants and a sportsbook are planned to open inside this property, too.

Gambling fans in Danville are excited to see things moving forward. We’ll be sure to continue offering updates on the opening of this property over the next couple of months.

Experts Continue Debating the Best Chicago Casino Location

Chicago is known for many things. Soon, this city could be thought of as one of the top new gambling destinations in the country. Officials gave approval for a new casino to open here in 2019, yet very little progress has been made to get this property up and running.

The aforementioned issues with the location of this property continue to halt its progress. Officials cannot agree on where this property should be opened. A number of possible areas in the city have been presented over the last few years.

Many felt that opening this new casino in McCormick Place would be perfect for the city. Others pushed against this idea, as it’s known as a family destination. It seems this is no longer an area being considered to host this new gambling venue.

The 78 Megadevelopment is another area that could host this casino. This new area of the city is attracting many residents and a casino could be what helps to bring in major revenue for local businesses. Hundreds of locals have complained about this idea and feel it will lead to an increase in crime.

It’s an exciting time for Illinois’ gambling industry. Regulators have just given approval for the Danville casino to eventually open its doors. It may not be long before construction on the Chicago casino begins, too. Stay tuned for updates.

Illinois’ Sports Betting Industry Gets a Major Upgrade

The United States is now home to the most profitable sports betting industry in the world. More than half of the country has legal sportsbooks up and running. That includes Illinois, which launched its first regulated sportsbooks in early 2020.

For a time, state leaders removed a requirement that everyone must register for online Illinois’ sportsbooks in-person. This was a popular move and allowed millions of residents to quickly sign-up to these online betting platforms. This rule was set back in place as the pandemic began to come more under control.

It seems that state officials no longer see the upside in this in-person registration rule. Reports have confirmed that this rule is being scrapped this week. It’s great news for college basketball fans in the state hoping to put some money down on their favorite teams.

March Madness will begin soon and millions of Illinois residents are likely to bet on how the tournament unfolds. Many of the sportsbooks here are already offering odds on which team will win. Expect to see odds on the individual game matchups become available in the next couple of days.

Are you excited to hear the Danville casino plans are moving forward? When do you expect the Chicago casino to finally open? Let us know in the comments section below.