Gamblit Gaming Adds Skill-based Games to MGM Grand

Gamblit Gaming

Gamblit GamingMGM Resorts has teamed up with Gamblit Gaming to launch skill-based gaming options via the MGM Grand.

Skill-based gaming is a subject that has become even more popular this year than ever before when it comes to the gambling industry. Casino operators have discovered that visitors of the millennial generation are not so much interested in the bells and whistles of slot games or the table game action of baccarat or blackjack. This generation requires more skill and video-gaming style content. Because of this, several casinos have been working to add new skill-based gaming to their offerings.

In Las Vegas, Gamblit Gaming has been busy adding their real-money skilled-based gaming content to gaming venues in the region. Just recently, it was announced that a partnership between MGM Resorts and Gamblit Gaming has resulted in the MGM Grand installing the new skill-based gaming experience provided by the manufacturer. LevelUp now offers players the opportunity to play two new games with a skill-based theme.

Model G

Gamblit has created a new interactive gaming table known as Model G, which offers new gaming options with titles such as Cannonbeard’s Treasure and Gamblit Poker. The technologically advanced gaming option was integrated into the LevelUp lounge of MGM Grand to provide a new entertainment experience for all players, not just millennials.

With the Model G tables, players have the ability to play together or as a team, in groups of two to four players. Player amenities are quite generous within the tables including USB charging ports for mobile devices. A 42 inch shared touchscreen is also included to enhance the visual appeal of the games. More games should be added soon as the company is given regulatory approval to do so.

Gamblit Gaming CEO Eric Meyerhofer commented on the recent installation by stating that the company is excited at the possibility to continue to evolve the casino space via their new partnership with MGM Resorts as they have incredible reach and mutual drive towards innovation. The CEO stated that MGM Resorts shares the objective of Gamblit which is to bring about groundbreaking entertainment options to the gambling industry that engage customers in a new way.

MGM Grand COO and President, Scott Sibella, commented as well stating that MGM is committed to keeping the gaming experiences on-site fresh and exciting for guests and their new partnership with Gamblit Gaming allows them to do just that.

Breakdown of the Games

Both new games offered on Model G are quite interesting. With Cannonbeard’s Treasure, players will be taking on the house during a game of cards and skill. Players are to build a hand by grabbing cards and in the process, try to reach the target number in order to win a chest of gold. The player who reaches the target the closest without going over is the winner.

With Gamblit Poker, players will be taking part in a poker game but one with a skill-based twist. The house puts up a pot that players will be competing for. Players start with two cards and then a single deck is shown soon after on the table. Players must then use the touchscreen to grab virtual cards quickly in order to build the best poker hand. The best hands win the pot which makes for fast-paced game play and exciting fun.

It will be interesting to watch and see if these new social games are more popular among millennials. Gambling venues are worried that their profits will go down within the next decade as the younger generations are more apt to want to be on a mobile device or wish to see new technology. Gaming venues will have to keep up in order to be able entice the younger crowd, especially as the years go by and technology only continues to advance.