Gambler Hits Jackpot at Recently Reopened Red Rock Casino in LV

Red Rock CasinoRed Rock Casino, along with a select group of other Las Vegas Casinos, reopened but four days ago after a long after a near-three month shutdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

The pent-up demand for gamblers to return for Red Rock’s reopening day was high, and it was evident in the line of hundreds who were waiting outside of the casinos before they swung their doors back open at midnight to welcome in the eager crowd.

Cheers could be heard and the staff was on-hand to greet guests at the entrance. At 12:01 a.m., it was already a lively scene in the casino that was empty just one week prior. The crowd was mostly filled with locals who were ready to get their play in at their favorite casino again after a long quarantine period.

But the best part? No sooner than they reopened did gamblers start earning big again! Some locals even took home a few hundred in winnings their first day back, and now, only four days later, a gambler has already hit the jackpot.

Panda Slot Machine Spells Out 10K Jackpot

One lucky gambler’s modest 88-cent bet turned into a near 10 grand fortune on a panda slot machine. The gambler won $9,092 to be exact. Ah, now this is just the kind of good news Vegas needed to see again!

Stay Tuned

Vegas is finally getting its feet wet after the dry spell that coronavirus caused back in mid-March, but it’s already off to a great start.

Not all of the city’s casinos have reopened, but enough to welcome back guests and provide them with the new “intimate” Vegas experience amid reopening during the pandemic.

Does this good news have you wanting to head down to the casino tonight? Who knows, you could be one of the lucky ones!