Full House Announces New Deal With Circa Sports in Illinois

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One of the fastest-growing gaming operators is making its way to Illinois. Circa Sports will be entering the Prairie State through a partnership with Full House Resorts. The two companies announced the deal earlier this week. As part of the deal, Circa Sports will be able to use one of Full House’s mobile sportsbook skins.

Illinois will be the fourth state that Circa Sports has operations in. Initially, Circa will operate out of Full House’s temporary casino in Waukegan, IL while the permanent location is built. The temporary location will include sports betting kiosks and dozens of televisions. Circa’s sportsbook will move into the American Place when the casino is completed.

Circa Sports has been aggressive with its expansion efforts so far this year. In addition to Illinois, Circa also recently announced plans to build a sportsbook in Sparks, NV. The Prairie State represents another opportunity for Circa to expand into a growing sports betting market.

Full House Reaches Agreement With Circa Sports

Circa Sports has been one of the fastest-growing sports betting operators in recent years. The next stop on Circa’s path will be Illinois. Circa will be able to enter Illinois through its new partnership deal with Full House Resorts. As part of the deal, Circa will also be allowed to operate a mobile sportsbook.

Full House Resorts announced that it has started construction on its temporary casino in Waukegan, IL. Circa will operate a sportsbook at the temporary location while the permanent venue is being built. Once completed, Circa will relocate its retail sportsbook to the new location.

In return for access to the Prairie State, Circa Sports will pay Full House a total of $5 million this month. Also, Circa will continue to pay $5 million each year after it launches its mobile sportsbook in Illinois. The current deal is for eight years. However, Circa Sports have the option to sign four-year extensions.

What Will the Circa Sports Illinois Sportsbook Look Like?

Circa Sports will operate both a mobile and retail sportsbook in Illinois. Circa’s retail sportsbook will first open at the temporary casino being built in Waukegan. Details have not been released yet about the mobile sports betting app. However, Circa Sports did disclose what bettors can expect at their temporary retail sportsbook.

At the temporary retail sportsbook, bettors will have access to both betting kiosks and retail counters. There will also reportedly be digital odds boards that display real-time sports betting odds. Circa Sports also plans to have 36 televisions available for watching live sports at the temporary retail sportsbook.

Details are still emerging about the permanent casino venue being built in Waukegan. However, if Circa Sports’ other retail sportsbooks are any indication, the venue will be state-of-the-art. Full House has stated that the new casino will include a 1,500-seat live entertainment venue and a gourmet restaurant. Illinois will be the fourth state Circa Sports operates in. the gaming operator is also operating sportsbooks in Nevada, Iowa, and Colorado.

Why Circa Sports Wanted to Enter Illinois

Illinois is not the first place most people think of when it comes to sports betting. However, the Prairie State has been one of the fastest-growing legal sports betting markets in the US. It will also be the largest market, in terms of population, that Circa Sports operates in.

The location of Full House Resorts’ new casino is also positive for Circa Sports. Waukegan is the most populated city in Lake County. It is also less than 30 miles away from Chicago. Circa Sports will have access to millions of potential bettors in the Windy City and the surrounding areas.

Circa Sports is not the only gaming operator making moves in Illinois. Many of the state’s professional sports teams have partnered with sports betting operators. Recently, the Chicago White Sox partnered with Caesars Entertainment as their official sports betting partner. The Bulls and Bears also have partnership deals with sportsbooks.


Illinois will be the new home of one of the quickest expanding sportsbooks in the US. Full House Resorts has announced a partnership deal with Circa Sports. As part of the deal, Circa Sports will pay Full House up to $5 million per year to use its Illinois gaming license.

In return, Circa Sports will be able to operate both a mobile and retail sportsbook in Illinois. In the short term, Circa will have to operate its retail sportsbook at a temporary casino located in Waukegan, IL. Circa Sports will operate the retail sportsbook when Full House opens its permanent venue in the city as well.