Four Pennsylvania Casinos Hit with Fines from Gaming Board

PennsylvaniaFour gaming venues in Pennsylvania subject to fines due to violations found by the Gaming Control Board.

Casinos in the United States have to adhere to special regulations set forth by the regulators within their given state. Regulators have rules in place that must be followed to the letter to ensure the operator is able to remain in operation. If a rule or regulation is violated, the regulators can then punish the casino venue, usually a monetary fine. In Pennsylvania, the Gaming Control Board recently fined four casinos with fines due to varying violations.

Four Operators Fined

A total of $82,500 in fines will have to be paid by the four venues, each of which broke the regulations of the state gaming industry in some form or fashion. The first to be fined was the Rivers Casino located in Pittsburgh, operated by Holdings Acquisitions Co. LP. The operator was found to be in violation the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board’s rules in regards to poker tournaments. The casino had hosted two poker tournaments without approval by the board.

The casino also had allowed to 20 year old female to enter the gaming floor of the Rivers Casino and she gambled at a slot machine as well as on table games. For the two violations, the Holdings Acquisitions group will have to pay $30,000 in fines to the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board.

Operator of the SugarHouse Casino of Philadelphia, the SuperHouse HSP Gaming, LP group will be paying $22,500 for violations in which individuals who were listed within the problem gambler assistance program, placed on the Voluntary Self-Exclusion list were given access to the gaming floor. This happened three times. The casino will now have to pay up for these violations.

The players had access to the gaming floor as well as in one case had the ability to cash a personal check. The regulations in the state read that gaming establishments must turndown bettors who are on the list from taking part in betting which includes providing cash advances and cashing checks.

The Sands Casino Resort of Northampton County, operated by the Sands Bethlehem Gaming LLC, will have to pay a fine of $22,500 as members of their personnel were not able to follow the proper procedures two different times which resulted in issues with a compromise of table game play.

Operator of the Mount Airy gaming venue, Mount Airy #1 LLC will have to pay $7,500 in fines due to an instance where table games were compromised as an employee of the casino did not follow procedures correctly.

Paying Up

Each of the casino gaming venues will have to pay the fines in order to stay in operation within the state. Fines are often issued when the rules are broken to ensure operators know that there are consequences for when the rules are not followed and are violated. These fines are quite small compared to what other gaming venues have had to pay in the past for breaking the rules.

It is not uncommon for underage gambling or drinking to take place within a gaming venue which can result in a fine. Employees can make mistakes which can result in fines due to improperly following procedures. When such instances are found by the Gaming Control Boards or regulators of the state, fines or punishments are put in place to keep the venues in check.

Many casinos will create new rules or regulations within their own facilities in order to combat any issues that lead to fines being paid. Sometimes it takes changing up the rules to ensure that proper protocol is followed and that all state regulations are followed correctly.