Former Revel Casino offering Free Play Casino Site

TEN, formerly Revel Casino

TEN, formerly Revel CasinoThe former Revel Casino is now offering casino gaming online, for free play.

The Revel Casino was a new casino constructed in Atlantic City that closed in 2014 after only a short time in operation. The casino cost a great deal to construct and was just unable to bring in the revenue numbers needed once the venue opened. The property is now owned by Glenn Straub who wanted to revitalize the property and has rebranded the facility with the new name TEN.

Just this week it was announced that TEN will now be offering online gaming via a free play website. This odd announcement comes at a weird time for the venue which has been embroiled in a battle with Atlantic City lawmakers about a gaming license. Straub himself admitted that he had no idea the site was up and running.

TEN’s Legal Troubles

Backtracking a bit, the new venue has not been able to open for real money casino gaming due to the fact that lawmakers in Atlantic City want Straub to obtain a gaming license. The business owner says he does not need a gaming license as he will not be the one operating the gaming venue of TEN. Straub would only be maintaining ownership of the actual building and other areas of business like the hotel. However, lawmakers do not agree and have yet to allow Straub to offer land based casino gaming.

Now it seems that former visitors to the Revel can log online and enjoy their favorite slot games but not for real money game play. The site, is open for business and allows players to enjoy slot games online. According to the log in page, these are the same games that TEN will offer in land-based play and they are expected to open later this year. For now, players can use the play site as a way to practice.

On Monday, Straub stated that he was not aware that the gaming option was live but felt that the managers must have decided that they will be doing something besides lining up employees and revenues.

The New Site

When visiting the new free play site, one will find a nice mix of slot games. The site looks and feels like a real money gambling option but only offers players the opportunity to try games. Players do have the option of purchasing credits to continue with game play once the free credits run out. Such games as Crazy Money and African Diamond can be accessed on the site.

The home page has nice graphics and includes a background image of the property with the new logo for TEN. The left hand side features several categories including VIP Games, Slots, Tables, Promotions and Buy Credits. Players can earn daily credits by logging in on a regular basis and free credits are offered to new signups.

While Straub says the idea for the site was introduced to him and he felt it was fine due to the fact that it was not real gambling, it actually sets the property up for real money online gambling if they so choose. If Straub is able to win the fight with lawmakers over licensing or just gives in and purchasing the license, he will then also be able to offer online gaming with approval after he launches real money gaming via the land based site.

It will be interesting to see how well received the new online gaming site will be and if Straub will be able to end his legal battles in New Jersey in the near future. Only time will tell if Atlantic City will be able to have another casino in operation or if the small number of gaming venues will be it for now.