Former NJ Senator Says ‘Stay Out of Our Business’ Regarding Gaming and Sports betting

Summary: Former Senator of New Jersey, Raymond Lesniak, has come forward, stating the federal government needs to leave the state alone when it comes to sports betting and gambling.

Over the past few years, states of the US have been left to their own devices when it comes to gambling legislation, particularly, online gambling laws. Recent changes this year to sports betting legalities have paved the way for sports betting in every state as well. Because of these changes, the federal government have now seemingly decided to stick their nose back in the states business and this is not faring well with certain former lawmakers. Former State Senator of New Jersey Raymond Lesniak, spend decades as a lawmaker in New Jersey, helping to set the state up for success. The former senator has now come forward are news broke that sports betting regulations are in the works on a federal level.

Stay Out of Our Business

New JerseyJust a few days ago, it was made known that several lawmakers are working to create federal regulations involving sports betting in the United States. The developments are a concern in several states where sports betting is already in operation, particularly in New Jersey.

Commenting on the developments, Former Senator Lesniak stated: “Any time Congress gets involved in something that we’ve fought so strongly for so long to achieve for the state of New Jersey, it’s going to cause us great concern. In terms of the DOJ opinion, I’m not quite sure what it means and what its effect will be. We’ll have to wait and see. But the less the federal government interferes with our gaming and sports betting, the better it is for us. I wish they would just stay out of our business.”

For New Jersey, the state’s online gambling industry is set to push past the $1 billion revenue mark for lifetime earnings. Having launched in November of 2013, the state continues to earn massive amounts of cash each month from online casino and poker gaming. If changes are made on a federal level, it would greatly affect how New Jersey operates and may cause harm.

With sports betting, the state has seen success instantly. Having started in June, the state has already seen close to $1b in sports betting handle. Senators Chuck Schumer and Orrin Hatch are the two who introduced the federal sports betting bill, a measure that would not stop New Jersey from providing sports betting, but the oversight by the federal government could have an impact on the already established industry.

It doesn’t seem as though the bill will be able to pass into law this year, and it seems that New Jersey has proponents in the Senate that would stop such an effort from moving forward. According to Lesniak, Senators Cory Booker and Bob Menendez are both on the side of the state and would fight to ensure the measure would not move forward.

For many, the goal is to see the states maintain their right to offer sports betting, online gaming, etc. based on how they would like. It makes more sense to allow each individual state to be in charge of what they would like to offer and how they go about it, instead of creating federal oversight as this could be harmful for the states that are already offering online casino gaming and/or sports betting.