Florida Nonprofit My Warrior’s Place Hosting Virtual Bingo Games


Don’t act as you’ve never heard that being yelled out at a local park or Firehall. Heck, you might have even gotten the chance to yell it out yourself.

Animated Bingo Card

People seem to think that Bingo is only for the older generation, but I’m 24, and I love a good game of Bingo. You can catch me with your grandparents playing Bingo anytime, no shame!

As the COVID-19 virus continues to spread across the US, I hope we’re all doing our part and staying inside as much as we can. As dull as we may feel right now, many businesses and services are trying their best to step up and provide things for their communities.

That’s where Florida comes in.

Virtual Bingo Making Strides in Florida

A non-profit in the sunshine state of Florida called “My Warrior’s Place” is hosting Bingo games virtually on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday evenings at 7:45 pm EST. All you will need to participate is a working internet connection and a way to connect to Facebook live.

Playing on Facebook live might not give you the same rush as being able to scream BINGO in front of your peers to let them know you are the dominant player, but at least it’s something.

Not only is My Warrior’s Place supplying people a fun pastime to take part in, but they are also providing prizes! I mean, what is Bingo without a prize to win? You can win gift cards of your choice that comes for local area patrons, according to The Observer News.

Local residents can participate by donating at least $20 to get a Bingo card emailed to them, and if you donate $30, you can get 3 cards. The proceeds go back into local businesses to help those struggling due to the closures.

What better way to fight boredom by playing Bingo online and supporting local businesses!

Words from “My Warrior’s Place”

Kelly Kowall, the president of the organization, had this to say:

“I would encourage people to do it for three good reasons. One, it gives you something to do three nights a week instead of just sitting there just doing nothing. Two, it helps to support our restaurants. And three, any funds left over from buying the gift certificates support My Warrior’s Place.”

The Wrap Up

Even though we’re stuck inside, that doesn’t mean we can’t find ways to have fun and help one another! The advancement of technology we have in this day and age truly allows us to go to incredible places. We should all be truly thankful for what we have, and try and spread more positivity, now more than ever. 

Personally, I would love to see more places do things like this and take advantage of the virtual opportunities for games that we have. In a perfect world, though, this virus will be over soon, and we can all meet up in brick and mortar Bingo rooms!