Florida Lottery and IGT To Continue to Work Together

Florida Lottery

Florida LotteryThe Florida Lottery and International Game Technology have decided to continue their long-standing partnership in gaming.

The lottery is a popular form of gambling in the state of Florida. Because Florida thrives on tourism, the state not only earns revenues from lottery gaming by residents but also via tourists. The state has worked with International Game Technology in regards to their lottery offerings for some time now and recently announced they plan on continuing to work with each other in the future.

Renewed Partnership

The state of Florida and International Game Technology have renewed their partnership win gaming. The long-standing working relationship between the two companies will continue via the subsidiary of the IGT, the IGT Global Solutions Corporation.

The new agreement include a newly signed secured contract which states that IGT will be providing the lottery organization of the state with their internationally recognized services for lottery gaming. Solutions for gaming will be provided for a ten year time frame. IGT had to secure a competitive procurement before being able to land the contract.

Past Relationship

The Florida Lottery and IGT have been working together since 2005 in regards to lottery gaming products. The new contract will see the supplier providing new gaming solutions for ten more years, with the option to extend the partnership three times for an additional three year period each time if they so choose.

With this stipulation, the lottery actually decided to go ahead with the first extension immediately so that IGT will actually be operating in the state for 13 years initially. Customers of the Florida Lottery will be able to take advantage of the services and lottery solutions provided by IGT for many years to come. The current retailer terminal base used by the lottery will be replaced with a new and more innovative product.

New Products

The Altura Flex will be the new base installed for Florida customers to use for lottery gaming. This is one of the latest releases by IGT and will help to provide better interaction with customers and the retailers of lottery products.

With the new product, players will be able to stay in the know with the latest promotions, advertisements and marketing content via the point of sale product known as the IGT Aurora MultiMedia. The machine is self-servicing, which means players can play certain games whenever they like without having to wait at a counter. The machines will provide draw based and instant gaming options.

Ticket check options will also be improved. Players located in Florida will have the option to check their tickets to see if they have earned a prize by using the Ticket-Scan Plus ticket checker. The state lottery organization will be installing the checkers, which are a self-service option, to provide a more streamlined experience. Players will be able to check the ticket easily and find out if they have earned a win or better luck next time.

With the products and services provided by IGT, players will have an overall improved experience. Officials of the lottery feel that working with IGT will ensure that lottery operations are improved and quality support will be provided.

Jay Gendron is the Senior Vice President of IGT, North America Lottery, who recently commented on the partnership with the Florida Lotter. Gendron stated that the two groups have worked closely together to be able to secure the continued growth of the lottery. With their extended relationship, both the Florida Lottery and IGT will be able to build on what they have achieved so far which will help to further benefit education in the state and build on the reputation of the lottery organization allowing the lottery to be recognized within the US as well as on a global scale.