Florida Casino Robbed of More than $5 Million

Casino thefts are not entirely uncommon. Over the past few decades, there have been numerous attempts to steal money from different gambling venues across the country. This week, eight men have been charged for their involvement in a Florida casino robbed of more than $5 million.

Money And A Gun On Table

This is one of the larger heists in recent memory. Today, we’re going to look at the details of this case. We’ll also discuss some of the biggest casino robberies in recent US history. Let’s get started.

Updates on the Florida Casino Robbed of Millions

Casino robberies come in all shapes and sizes. In the past, it usually involved holding up a gambling venue at gunpoint and demanding cash. Today, robbers tend to be a little more sophisticated. They use more elusive tactics to steal money, as we see with the Florida casino robbery this week.

Eight men have been officially charged with stealing more than $5 million for this casino, operated by the Miccosukee Native America tribe. The men are alleged to have tampered with the gambling machines to generate credit vouchers eventually converted to cash.

The money these men stole was used for investments, buying real estate, and even college funds for children. There are 63 indictment charges against these men that include computer fraud, embezzlement, money laundering, and more.

This Florida casino robbed of millions is one of many dealing with robbery issues. Now is the perfect time to look back at a few of the biggest casino heists in US history.

Biggest Casino Robberies in History

Casinos offer patrons the opportunity to get rich quick. Some, however, feel the best way to get money from these establishments is to rob them! Here are five major cases of casino robberies over the past few decades.

Circus Circus Robbery of 1993

Las Vegas was home to several major robberies in the early 1990s. Many of them took place at the Bellagio Hotel & Casino. The largest, however, took place at Circus Circus in 1993.

That year, Heather Tallchief managed to escape the casino with more than $2.5 million. She used a gun to steal the money and managed to escape to Europe for more than 10 years. Eventually, she was caught and taken into custody.

Stardust Casino of 1992

Another Las Vegas robbery! In 1992, Bill Brennan, a staff member at the Stardust Casino in Las Vegas simply walked out of the casino with more than $500,000 in chips. It was one of the most simplistic robberies in the state’s history.

Many of the casinos in Las Vegas changed their security measures after this theft. Brennan has still not been caught. Whether or not he’s still alive is unknown.

New York, New York Casino Heist of 2018

Traditional casino robberies still take place today, too. In January of 2018, Cameron James Kennedy pulled a gun at the New York, New York cash cage. He managed to escape the casino via taxi with $23,000.

Kennedy immediately attempted to buy jewelry with the stolen cash. Two months later, he was arrested by the Las Vegas Police Department.

Soboba Casino Robbery of 2007

The Soboba Casino isn’t the biggest or most impressive casino in Las Vegas. Perhaps that’s why Ronaldo Luda Ramos decided to rob it. In 2007, while working as a staff member here, he bound two employees with tape and stole $1.5 million.

Ramos was caught within just a few days. He was charged with robbery, kidnapping, false imprisonment, and battery.

Vegas Casino Robberies of 2019

News of this one broke just last week! On August 1st, Sang Ho Lee was charged with stealing more than $600,000 from three different Las Vegas casinos. Unlike some of the others on this list, he didn’t need to use a weapon.

Lee simply used fraudulent checks to steal this money. He’s been released from custody and has a preliminary hearing scheduled for October 7th.

Make sure to stay tuned for updates on the Florida casino robbed over the next few weeks!