Films and Documentaries Announced by Las Vegas Film Festival

The Las Vegas Film Festival is scheduled for 2019 for the 12th time, and it will feature some really interesting films and documentaries that the visitors will have an opportunity to watch during the festival.

The official lineup for the 2019 Festival was announced, and if you happen to be in Las Vegas from April 28 to May 5, you may want to check out some movies when you rest from having fun in casinos and other interesting facilities. The largest part of the Festival will take place in Downtown Las Vegas, but some will take place at the Brenden Theatres, which is a part of The Palms Casino Resort.

The lineup is pretty interesting as it features both feature films and documentaries that were a part of many festivals worldwide, as well as films and documentaries that are somehow related to Las Vegas. For example, one of the interesting movies is called The Amazing Johnathan, which is a movie by Robin Greenspun and tells the story of Amy Ayoub, a local businesswoman. Another movie that caught our attention was Knock Down the House, which follows the struggle of four women who stood against incumbents in the elections that happened last fall.

Milo Kostelecky is the President of the Las Vegas Film Festival, and he said that they were thrilled to announce the list of initial ten films that visitors would have an opportunity to watch during the 2019 Festival—which he believes has the potential to be one of the best festivals so far. Furthermore, Kostelecky added that the lineup of feature films and documentaries would offer something for everyone and that they were looking forward to announcing more movies and events in the weeks to come.

Films & Documentaries

We will mention some of the films that were included in the lineup for the 2019 Festival. Let’s take a look.

The Farewell is a story of a family who finds out that their mother has lung cancer. Instead of telling her the bad news, they decide to make a family reunion with her as they travel to China where they intend to attend an unplanned wedding that the lung-diagnosed grandma longs to see. The film features both English and Mandarin languages.

Ms. Purple is a story about Kasie, a low-life karaoke hostess who reconnects with her brother after their father becomes terminally ill.

Ray & Liz is a film from the UK which takes place in Birmingham and follows a family that lives an odd life and has some really unconventional ways. The film is shocking but also filled with strange humor, depicting a family that lives in a Black Country council flat.

American Factory is a documentary that focuses on post-industrial Ohio which becomes a playground for a Chinese billionaire who decides to open a factory in the area which was once owned by General Motors. The conflict arises when working-class US citizens clash with modern China.

Hail Satan? is a documentary which follows a group of people who advocate religious freedom through clever ideas and a wicked sense of humor.

Walking on Water is also a documentary that follows Christo Vladimirov Javacheff, who achieved international success with Jeanne-Claude as both of them were immersed in creating environmental works of art. After Jeanne-Claude passes away, Christo is off to complete the project that the couple had started a long time ago. The project involves a large-scale installation which is a walkway over Lake Iseo in Italy.

At the moment, people who want to visit the Festival will be able to obtain the VIP ALL ACCESS PASS for an early price of $200. However, the price will go up to $300 after April 5.