Facility of the Year Award Goes to South Point Arena

The “Facility of the Year” Award was presented to South Point Hotel Casino and Spa’s Arena & Equestrian Center by the League of Agricultural and Equine Centers (which is also known just as The League). This reward is a recognition of the commitment made by the center to the equestrian industry. Furthermore, it recognizes the excellent results and overall excellence when it comes to the operation and management of this equestrian facility.

Jennifer Bexley is the Chairman of the Board of the League of Agricultural Centers, as well as the Chairman of the Awards Committee. She said that the Facility of the Year Award is presented to a facility that showed not only service to the community, but also safety, security, professional development, and operational excellence. This is a very prestigious award that really acknowledges the effort of the awarded facility and paves the way for its further development.

Steve Stallworth, General Manager of South Point Arena and Equestrian Center, stated that Michael and Paula Gaughan had a very clear idea about the property as soon as it had been opened. They wanted to make a unique facility which would not only help the equestrian industry grow but also serve as a second home to many participants and their lovely animals. Furthermore, he added that it was a great honor to receive that award on behalf of his team and that they were looking forward to the future where they saw themselves as an integral part of a remarkable industry that the equestrian industry represents.

South Point Arena is definitely one of the most popular facilities of this kind and, thanks to exceptional management, they have managed to stay on the top for a very long time. Moreover, it seems that they also plan to stay the best for a very long time, working hard to make their facility even better for both visitors and participants.

About South Point Arena

Being one of the premier equestrian facilities currently leading the industry, South Point Arena has more than 240,000 sq ft of space for events. Arenas are climate-controlled and feature a total of 4,500 seats that span across the Main Arena as well as two additional arenas that are located in the Priefert Pavilion.

One of the interesting areas that are also featured as a part of the South Point Arena is the vet clinic. Furthermore, you can find a feed store, as well as Cinch Saloon. The fact that they are doing a great job is embodied in the way they positioned their horse valet, which is located adjacent to 1,200 stalls that are climate-controlled and is a great way to have unlimited access to the stables on your way to check into the show or hotel. Finally, in order to secure the stall area, they introduced the 24/7 monitoring which would allow guests to focus on the show instead of worrying about their horses and their well-being.

One of the latest additions is LED lighting that is present all over the arena and in barns. Furthermore, the facility features cutting-edge Daktronics video board and 25 acres of horse trailer parking. These additions are just some that are planned in their multi-million dollar expansions. The facility also has huge short-term plans as they stated that they will host approximately 40 weeks of equestrian events in 2019. In other words, the award is more than deserved, and the facility has a tendency to further improve to provide the ultimate experience for its guests.